She watches as he daintily pats a napkin across his perfectly clean lips and turns his nose up at her. She adopts a smirk and reaches for her own napkin. In all honesty, she is sick of him playing this game. This sibling game is not for him, it is for her and Drew. They created it and he has no business joining it.

"Such a splendid meal this was."

She cringes inwardly but lets a snobby smile sit on her face as she stares at him. Drew never involved words; the words ruined the game. She can't stand what he's doing to their game but she can't stand keeping it from him.

"I quite agree with you. It was superb."

The snotty voice is some fun to use but she still can't stand it. It's irritating that she has to play this game with Jared but she can't deny him some simple fun. He spent years watching Drew play the game with her and he always wanted to join. When Drew was here they didn't let him play; now she feels like she has to. In all honesty though, she enjoys the game far too much to not play with him.

The rough napkin—in the game it is made of linen—rubs against her chin. She looks down her nose at the small boy across the table from her. Their parents are ignoring them because they have become far too used to the game by now. When no one notices, it loses its charm. That's what she tells herself; in reality it lost its charm when Drew left.

Jared tries to imitate her disdainful sneer but he just can't do it the way Drew could. She puts her napkin back down on her lap and continues the meal, the game is over.