Once again, here are a few short lines that are so short I would feel bad posting them separately.

This was actually sort of inspired by the movie Mirrors, though it's not necessarily about the movie.

When you look into the glass, there's nothing you can hide;

The reflection staring back at you knows everything inside.

Despite the smooth, clean surface, there's a darkness lying within;

An entity filled with nothing but evil and hatred and sin.

No matter how much you curse it it'll never go away;

Despite the pain it causes, your reflection is here to stay.

Somehow I broke a mirror that never had a crack;

Lost so many things with no hope of getting them back.

Deafened by the sound of our rage and your hate

The innocent must flee before it's too late

Scratching and clawing

until my fingers bleed;

Trapped in this tiny cage

Filled with hunger and need.

Empty within and desperate for escape,

I won't let it win; I decide my fate.