Let It Be/Let It Bleed (Mar 1)

There's a bleeding in my soul
and it's coming out in rivers
flowing painfully ever so
until the day I'm finally forgiven.

If I could forgive myself
for all I did, for all I made
but this weight, oh man
this is something I'll carry
until the day I perish away.

I hope I'm relieved from it
and finally be able to leave it
right here, on the ground
before I leave for the skies abound.

I wish to meet God
and ask him the reason for it all.
I wish for him to speak to me
and, if he could, explain everything.

For now, I'll let the red drops fall
like the blood sky I've been dreading
like the content mind I've been faking
until my body no longer can.

"Let it be," they told me.
"Let it bleed," I told them.

The 60th poem to begin a new month. Hope you like it.