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Title: My Last Moment With You

Rating: T for Violence and Language

Genre: Main: Drama/Tragedy Side: Friendship, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Angst

Featured Characters: Chad Alex Kaplan, Blue Heart Payne

POV (Point of View): Chad's P.O.V. (First person)

Summary: Chad dreamed of his past... his last day with his dear friend Blue... remembering their bittersweet moment...

"So... can you tell me what happened?"

That is what Jaypee ask to me...

"Hey bro...uh, you can tell me if you want to..."

He is trying to get my attention...

I hear her gasps, "Chad! You're pale! Are you alright?! Are you sick?!"

That is what I last heard until everything went black.

I slowly opened my eyes. All I can see was darkness... that was when I realized... my head was down.

I was lying on my table.

A soft voice spoke up "Hey Chad..."

I immediately looked up to the source of the voice while blinking repeatedly.

I was still sleepy.

The girl beside me smiled. "Had a good nap, sleepyhead?"

I smiled at her in return. "Yes, I did had a good nap Blue."

Blue giggled. "I'm glad you do.", she cleared her throat, "Anyway, our class is almost ending but Ms Welsch hasn't arrived yet."

I chuckled in return. Ms. Welsch can be clumsy at times.

I spoke in a joking matter. "Then I will go back to sleep. Wake me up when she's coming."

She giggled some more and finished with a toothy grin. "Okay Chad. Good night!"

I shook my head while smiling and laid my head down. I didn't close my eyes. I was not really sleepy.

I only want to think of Blue, my dear female friend.

Although Blue seems to be joyful and playful at times, deep inside, she is not like that when she is not here yet.

She is a broken angel who needs help... who needs someone... someone who will fully accept her... someone who will truly love her for who she is... someone who is willing to be her friend...

And I'm the person who gave her what she needs... I always do that... and will do it forever...

Blue never experienced happiness before... she only experienced sadness, fear, and more... her parents divorced... and the one who took her were... irresponsible...

She's an only child, as far as I know. I never knew all of her past. I don't want to hurt her by letting her remember all the hell she had been through.

Before she came in my life, she told me that she was treated like a dirt. Always picked on, always bullied...

She is suffering from a from a bipolar disorder and depression. And her adopted parents didn't bother to help her. She was fending off from her own...

Anyway, bottom line is, a lot of bad things happened in her life... until she came into my life... in this class...

I was writing my journal entry number eleven, about me being voted as a class president of section I-A, Welsch family. We came up from that title because our adviser was Ms. Candy Rose Welsch, a very nice and sweet teacher.

As I was about to end my journal entry, a knock on the door startled everyone, including me. This made everyone thought of Mrs. Clake, our principal from this school, Normal University.

Yes, the name of our school is very simple, because it was very, very old.

I glanced at my watch to see it's still two in the afternoon, and Ms. Welsch will not arrived yet until three.

As I president of this class, I stood up from my seat and walked towards the door. Everyone was looking at me while whispering in a hush tone.

I knew what they were whispering about. I might get my head chewed of from Mrs. Clake again.

As I finally arrived from the front door. I looked at the window at the door to see no one.

I guess the person was not tall enough.

I opened the door to see a young lady, which was about 5'2 tall. She had a very long brown hair, round blue eyes, small nose, pinkish lips. She was wearing a small light blue blouse, dark blue skirt, blue doll shoes and blue headband with a flower on the right side.

I bet this girl likes the color blue.

She had a nervous looked on her face. "U-um, excuse me, sir... I-is this r-room four six... Section one... a?"

I smiled at her to make her feel welcomed. "Yes, this is the room you're looking for. Welcome to Room Four Six, Section One A, Welsch family." I wondered why she was here. "Are you a transferee here, by any chance?"

She nodded slowly, "Yes, I am..."

Her actions is similar to Jaypee, it seems. Speaking of Jaypee, I really miss her.

I reached out my hand to her and introduced myself, "My name's Chad Alex Thompson Kaplan, president of this class. What's your name?"

She took my hand and shook it gently. "I-It's Blue Heart Payne..."

I let go of her hand gently, my smile never fade. "Blue, eh? It really suits you well."

Blue blushed in embarrassment. "Um, thank you..."

I nodded. I guessed she was never complimented before. "Anyway, you can call me Chad for short." I opened the door to let her enter. "And come on in, I'll introduce you to class."

And I introduced her to class... then everything went better than I expected. Few days later, she became more talkative and more outgoing. She also gained more confidence. Up until now, we grew closer to each other... up to the point that we treated each other as siblings... like she always wanted...

I looked up and sighed in boredom. Class is almost over and Mrs. Welsch had not arrived.

I shrugged and just thought that maybe she was sick or on an important errand.

"Hey Chad." Ivy, our class vice president, called me.

"Yeah?" I replied to her.

She looked at me with a bored expression on her face. "We should let them go home now. I know there's still time left, but, let's go home now."

Everyone was now looking at me, their looks pleading me to agree.

I shook my head in disbelief. I could not belief that I am saying this. "Sure. I am now dismissing this class."

After I said that, everyone ran out towards the exit, leaving me and Blue remaining. I sighed in disbelief because they left the room messy again.

Blue grabbed the broom at the corner of our room and looked at me, smiling. "Chad, I can help clean the room."

I smiled back. "Sure, let's clean this room together."

I sighed in relief. The room was now finally cleaned.

"Thanks for helping me clean the room." I thanked her while stretching my arms and yawning tiredly at the same time.

She smiled. Her smile always comforted me. "It's no problem, Chad." She returned the broom to its proper place. "Come on, let's head home."

Before I could reply, I loud slam on the door surprised us. Blue shrieked in surprised while I quickly scanned the room for a way to escape.

As I scanned the room, Blue was already shaking in fear, sweat dropping of her face.

As much as I want to comfort her, there was no time for that.

The sliding window on the right side of the room caught my attention. Outside of that window was the right side of the entrance...

I clapped my hands to gain her attention. I pointed at the window, my face expressed seriousness. "Blue! Get out of here through that window! It will take you to safety!"

Blue, without a word, quickly went to the window, struggling to open it.

As she was busy finding the lock of the sliding window, I turned around and faced the door.

I knew them from the start... I knew that they were tracking me down... I knew that they will kill me... and everyone else...

Being the son of an ex-commando who made it out alive and left the company... they were outrage by his sudden appearance.

When Blue successfully opened the sliding window, I heard the doorknob being turned by someone...

This was it... I successfully saved everyone... even Blue... I want to end this once and for all...

As Blue was about to get out, she noticed me standing still, facing the door.

Her face showed surprise and disbelief. "Chad! Let's get out of here! Hurry!"

I quickly turned around and looked at her straight in the eye. "No... you should go now. It's too late for me. Now go!"

Blue's eyes widened. She frowned and fresh tears rolled down to her cheeks. "W-what do you mean by that?! Let's get out of here right now! There's still time! Come on!"

I only shook my head. "No, I must stay. They want me. I don't want others to get killed. I must protect Jaypee. I must protect you and everyone else. Now go! Before it's too late!"

The sound of door being slammed made my heart beat harder in my chest.

Blue didn't moved a muscle.

"What the hell, Blue?! Go!"

She finally spoke up. "If you have to die... I want to die with you, Chad!"

I was shocked at what she had said to me. She was willing to die with me... to end her life just to be with me... always...

I was very oblivious at the fact that she had deep and warm feelings for me... I thought she was doing because we treated each other as siblings...

She left me no choice but to let her stay.

I sighed deeply and closed my eyes. "Fine... you can stay..."

As my eyes were closed, I didn't noticed her presence until I felt something soft and warm at my back and her warm arms wrapped around me. I blushed deeply by her actions.

She leaned closer to my ears. "I will stay by your side... always and forever, Chad..."

Before I could reply to her, the door burst opened, revealing a tall man wearing a black high class suit. She let go in the process while whimpering softly in fear.

She went behind my back. She was shaking violently in fear. "C-Chad, w-who is... that?"

I didn't answer her. I was busy looking at the man.

"So, this is Chad Alex Kaplan, son of that traitor, Alpha Team Computer Technician, Richard Alan Kaplan."

I glared angrily at him. "What do you want?"

The man smiled at me, but not in a pleasant way, "To eliminate the remaining Kaplan family, which is you."

Blue gasped in fear. "W-what do you mean by that!?"

The man noticed Blue and smiled sickly. "Oh. It seems you have a innocent girlfriend."

I growled in response. "She's not my girlfriend! She's my sister!"

He ignored me and continued, "Poor, poor lady. This evil man must have brainwashed you. He must have let you do things you didn't want to... forcing you to do what he wants."

She shook her head quickly, "No! Chad is not like that!"

As the man walked closer, Blue was about to backed away but I held her hand gently but firmly. I didn't noticed her blush.

She must not get away from me.

The man chuckled in amusement and crossed his arms. It made me sick. "Oh. I see you two are very close. Hm... maybe I let this young lady live. After all, I need a female employee."

As the man continued to talk to us, Blue listened while I thought of a plan to snatch his gun away from his pocket.

I didn't bother to listen to what he said, but as soon as he lifted his hands, a gesture of being a ruler or something, I immediately threw the board eraser at him, hitting him at the face. As soon as he stumbled back, I quickly ran towards him and snatched the gun away from his pocket while startling him in the process.

His brows furrowed and his face red in anger. I think I had lose his temper. "Why you son of a bitch! Give me back my gun!"

I pointed the gun at him, my hands shaking in fear and anger. I returned the glare at him. "No! Don't make a move or I'll shoot you, Cain!"

Cain only laughed at me. "A little boy like you cannot use that. You have to know how to use it."

I observed my gun at my hand. Cain was right. I don't know how to use it.

I only glared in response and struggled to removed the safety lock.

As I finally removed the safety lock, I heard Blue yelled, "CHAD! DUCK!"

I gasped and saw Cain pointing another gun at me. My eyes widened when I saw him pull the trigger.

Everything went slow.

I was frozen on my track, my feet glued on the floor, my eyes wide.

I waited for the pain to hit.

As I was about to get hit from the bullet, Blue ran in front of me, getting hit in the process.

Her scream of pain snapped me out.

My eyes went wide and my heart skipped a beat. "NOOOOOOOO! BLUUUUUUEEEEEEEE!"

As Blue falls to the floor, he laughed at the scene, which made me more sick.

That sick bastard...! He will pay...!

Cain shook his head while smiling evilly, "Such a poor decision for that bitch. She wasted her life to save you. But anyway, this made everything-"

Anger ran through my body while he talk. I did what I have to do.

I took a deep but shaky breathe and looked at him with pure anger. "DIE, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" I pulled the trigger. I kept shooting him, hitting him in different locations, until he fell to the floor, motionless.

I quickly dropped the gun and quickly held Blue in my arms.

I was shaking when I hold her. I tried my best to assure her. "Blue, you're going to be alright, okay? We're going to the nearest clinic here at school, okay? Just hold on tight on me."

There she was, blood on her chest, slow dying...

I knew that there was no hope for her... she was shot in the chest...

But I have to save her. I have to take the chance.

As I was about to carry her to the clinic, she placed her right on my left cheek and shook her head while smiling sadly.

It crushed my heart. I felt so useless for being a fool... being weak. It was too late for my dear friend.

My tears fell on her face...

...the face that I will never see again.

"Don't give up hope! You are going to live, okay?! Okay?!"

She shook her head in response, the sad smile never leaving on her face.

"It's... too... late... for me... Chad..." she told me with a weak voice while struggling to speak.

I shook my head in sadness. She was accepting her death. "Please, Blue, don't say that..."


"Yes, Blue?"

"There's... something... I want... to... do... to you... be...fore... I... die..."

"Tell me, and I'll do it for you..."

She shook her head again. She smiled some more.

"I'll... do... it..."

She snaked her left arm around my neck and pulled my head closer to her face. Our lips inching closer.

Are we really going to kiss?! This is a joke, isn't it?!

Before I could do anything, our lips made contact. My eyes grew wide and my cheeks blushed deeply while her eyes were closed and her cheeks were pink.

We kissed for a few seconds until she pulled away slowly.

She smiled. "Chad... Alex... Thompson... Kaplan... I... love you..."

I cried more tears to her face.

I realized it too late.

"Blue Heart Payne... I love you too.", I confessed sadly.

I hold her tighter against me. More tears streamed down on my face.

She looked down and she frowned. "I'm sorry... if... I... have... to go..."

I rubbed her back gently. "It's alright, Blue... There's... no need to apologize."

She coughed blood to my shirt. She's now on her end of her rope.

"Goodbye, Chad... May you... live... in... peace... Thank... you... for everything... I... love... you... C-Chad..." she said for the last time before closing her eyes. Her smile never faded on her face.


'Is she really dead?!'

I started shaking her, "Blue? Blue?!"

Here she was... dead... in my arms...


I slowly open my eyes. After blinking for a few seconds, I realized I was lying on the bed.

I quickly sit up and and look around.

I realize that it is my room. It still look like how I last saw it...

Did I passed out a few days ago?

The door to my room opens revealing Jaypee holding a glass of cold water.

"I'm glad you're finally awake! I was so worried about you!" she exclaimed with worry.

"Yeah... How long did I... passed out?" I ask her.

"Um, almost half a day..." he replies with a hint of worry on her voice.

I nod in response.

The room is very silent for a few seconds until Jaypee finally break the silence.

She bows her head in shame. "Um, I'm so sorry if I asked you about... your dear friend..." she apologized.

I smile and shake my head. "It's alright. Anyway, I'm still tired. Can you give me a moment of alone time?"

He nodded. "Sure, I'll be back tomorrow."

She opens the door and leave.

While I am lying, I think of Blue...

I think of my last moment with her...

She will never be forgotten...

She will always remain in my heart.