Times Have Changed

Times must have changed
since I last blinked.
The skies have gone black,
And life's on the brink,
Because the world has been ruined,
The good gone away,
And very many people,
Will never see another day.

I tried to keep my eyes open,
Tried to keep the dark at bay,
Because the world was so beautiful
At times when night was day.
The sun was always warm,
The wind soft on my face,
But I closed them for a second,
And the beauty's gone away.

And I'll keep the memories,
Safe, hidden in my mind,
Of days when things were better,
And the night was full of life.
Because we must never forget,
the brilliance of the stars,
And the shining of the moon,
Before the world fell apart.

It was a fraction of a second,
The time the breaking took.
The moment that now means
that life isn't worth another look.
And I'm sorry or the trouble,
For the fault is surely mine,
Because the world went to hell,
The moment I closed my eyes.