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Love Is...

Narrator: A very good morning to you, ladies and gentlemen. Today, I stand before you to tell you a story... about selkies. Now, you may ask me, "What on earth is a selkie?" Well, a selkie is a magical shape shifter. When in the water, we take the form of a seal; but when we step onto solid land, we can shed our sealskin and become human. We can, of course, put our sealskin back on and become seals once more; but humans have taken to stealing our skins to keep us on land. Without our sealskin, we are painfully human, unable to return to our home in the sea.

I know what you're thinking: if we're in such danger of losing our skins, why take the sealskin off? Why let a human get so close to us that they can steal our skin from right under our noses?

The answer is simple: love.

Our story begins on a warm summer's morning. The sun had just risen, and a selkie was lounging about in the shallows, enjoying the warm sunlight. She was just thinking about catching a few fish for breakfast when...

(As she speaks, the actions are acted out. Boys 1 and 2 enter and stumble towards Seal.)

Boy 1: (nudges Boy 2) Hey, bro, look. (nods at Seal) See that seal layin' around over there? Betcha five bucks I can hit it in the head with this rock.

Boy 2: (scoffs) Dude, it isn't that hard. Anyone could do that.

Boy 1: (narrows eyes) Fine. Whoever gets it in the head first wins. Loser pays for that window we broke last week. Even though it should be you, since you were the one who got us caught!

Boy 2: (whining) Aw, come on, bro, cut me some slack! You know I can't resist posting pictures on Instagram!

Boy 1: Whatever, man! Let's just do this.

(Both boys pelt rocks at Seal, cackling. Fisherman enters at a run.)


Boy 1: (scoffs) None of your business, old man. Get lost.

Fisherman: (warningly) You'd better not be picking on that seal.

Boy 2: Please, what are you going to do about it? Beat us up? There's one of you against two of us! You'd never win!

(Fisherman stands his ground.)

Boy 1: Fine! If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get!

(The boys are defeated.)

Boy 1: Y-You dirty old man...! You'll pay for this!

(Boys 1 and 2 run off stage.)

Fisherman: (shaking fist) AND DON'T COME BACK!

(Final Fantasy Victory Theme. Fisherman strikes a pose.)

Fisherman: Oh, seal...

(He attempts to approach Seal, but naturally she backs up in fear. He stops short, disappointed.)

Fisherman: ...I'm sorry for what they did to you. Not all humans are evil like those two. ...Ah! Here. (He reaches into his bag of fish and gives one to the seal.) It's not much, but it's all that I can give. I'm just a humble fisherman, after all. (waves) Take care.

(Fisherman exits. Seal watches him leave, then disappears behind a rock and emerges as a different person – Selkie.)

Selkie: (picks up the fish) ...Thank you.

(Selkie exits, carrying the fish reverently.)

Narrator: From that day on, the selkie was almost obsessed with the fisherman. As a seal she could afford to be a little less careful when following the fisherman around –he'd throw a fish or two her way if he spotted her– but it wasn't enough. She started watching his movements on land, too, hiding her sealskin away while she satisfied her curiosity. She'd never intended to get caught in the act, but fate had different ideas.

(Selkie peeking out maybe from behind the rock shyly. Fisherman has a table of fish outside his house that he's selling. Maybe some people come to buy the fish?)

Fisherman: (spotting the selkie) (cheerfully) Hello, miss! These fish were caught just this morning, so fresh they're nearly still alive! Come and have a look.

(Selkie approaches him hesitantly. She picks up a fish and makes to eat it right there and then)

Fisherman: Whoa! You can't just eat it raw! Where are you from, Japan? Here, I'll show you how to cook this properly.

(He puts the fish on a grill and fans it)

Fisherman: So, are you new in town? I've never seen you around before.

Selkie: You could say that.

Fisherman: Well then, you're in luck! You just happen to be looking at the best fish-griller in the whole village. In the nick of time, too – I was just about to close up shop.

Selkie: (nervous laugh) You really don't have to do that.

Fisherman: Nonsense! This is the last fish I'm grilling today. If you don't eat it, I'll just give it to this one seal that keeps coming by, so you might as well enjoy it.

(Selkie eats it)

Selkie: (surprised) This is... really good!

Fisherman: Told you so. You'll never get a grilled fish as good as that anywhere else!

Selkie: I'll take your word for it. How much do I owe you?

Fisherman: Since you're new in town, the fish is free of charge! But the grilling comes with a price...

Selkie: What?

Fisherman: What's your name?

Selkie: (chuckle) I'm Isabelle.

Fisherman: Well, Isabelle, I look forward to our next meeting. See you around!

(Fisherman packs up his stuff.)

Selkie: Yeah, see you...

(Selkie exits)

Narrator: The selkie had no money, but kept coming back to the fisherman's stall day after day. She never bought anything, which confused the fisherman a little, but she was pleasant company, so he didn't mind. They grew closer and closer as the days went by. The selkie taught the fisherman how to catch a fish with his bare hands, and he taught her how to grill it. It seemed like everything was right in the world.

And then, tragedy struck.

(Boys 1 and 2 enter with a group of thugs.)

Boy 1: Hey, old man! Say hello to my little friends! Get 'im, boys!

(The thugs lunge towards Fisherman.)

Fisherman: Whoa! What the – aaaargh!

(He loses the fight.)

Boy 1: Ha! Told you you'd pay, old man!

Boy 2: (takes a picture with his phone) This is so going on my Instagram!

Boy 1: Hash tag swag, hash tag Yolo...

(The boys laugh evilly.)

Selkie: (offstage) What are you doing? Leave him alone!

Boy 1: Oh no, someone's coming! Let's get out of here!

(Boys 1 and 2 and their gang exit at a run. Selkie enters at a run and kneels beside Fisherman.)

Selkie: Are you alright?

Fisherman: (weakly) P-Please... help me...

Narrator: The fisherman was not in good shape. The selkie took him back to his home and took care of him, cleaning and dressing his wounds. Her sealskin was still poorly hidden on the beach, but the thought hadn't even crossed her mind. All she cared about was that her Fisherman was alive and well.

(While Narrator speaks: Selkie helps Fisherman onto his bed and bandages him.)

Fisherman: (coughs and sits up) I-Isabelle? What are you doing here?

Selkie: Saving your life, of course. I couldn't leave you at the mercy of those thugs.

Fisherman: Y-You saved me? But you could have died!

Selkie: Could have, yes; but if I didn't act, you would have died for sure.

Fisherman: ...Thank you.

Narrator: The fisherman lived alone, so the selkie took it upon herself to take care of him. "Just 'til you're better," she said; but when he was hale and hearty two weeks later, she still had yet to leave. She couldn't bear the thought of it! Every time she had even a moment to herself, she would plan what she had to say to the fisherman before she left.

Little did she know that the fisherman was practicing a very different kind of speech.

(Fisherman on beach and Selkie in house.)

Fisherman: I know we've only known each other for a few weeks,

Selkie: We've known each other only for a little while,

Fisherman: but we've already become great friends–

Selkie: and we've become really good friends–

Fisherman: -and I think it's time we moved our relationship to the next level.

Selkie: -but I think it's time we went our separate ways.

Fisherman: I really like you, and I think that you like me too

Selkie: You're really sweet, and I think we've got a lot in common

Fisherman: because I'm healed, and you're still here.

Selkie: but I have to go home to my family.

Fisherman: You're amazing

Selkie: You're charming

Fisherman: And you smell like chrysanthemums

Selkie: Even though you always smell like fish

Fisherman: And I think...

Selkie: But this is...

Fisherman: ...I love you.

Selkie: ...Goodbye.


(Selkie sighs and leaves stage, shaking her head and running her hands through her hair.)

Fisherman: Okay. Let's do this.

(He walks across the stage in determination, then trips over something and finds the sealskin. He picks it up curiously.)

Fisherman: What's this? (sniff sniff) Chrysanthemum...? Isabelle.

(He exits with the sealskin with an upset stride.)

Narrator: The fisherman didn't want to believe it. His Isabelle, a selkie? If she was, then she would leave him. Selkies belonged to the sea, not on land. His heart hurt at the thought. If she left, who would be his best friend? Who would laugh like tinkling bells? Who would fill his mind with the smell of chrysanthemums?

He put the thought out of his mind and resolved not to think about it anymore. His Isabelle wouldn't leave him all alone, he was sure of it.

So, naturally, when the selkie brought up the subject of leaving over dinner that night, he got a little... upset.

Fisherman: (darkly) No.

Selkie: What? What do you mean, no?

Fisherman: No, you can't return to the sea. Selkie or not, I need you here.

Selkie: (gasps) You knew?

Fisherman: That you're a selkie? I had my suspicions, but I only knew for sure when I found your sealskin. You can't leave me as long as I have it, so you're not leaving. Not now, not ever.

Selkie: What? Why?!

Fisherman: I need you here. You can't leave, and that's final!

(Pause. Selkie glares daggers.)

Selkie: (icy cold) How dare you? HOW DARE YOU!? After all I have done for you?! I cooked for you, I cleaned for you, I attended to your every need for two whole weeks, and this is how you repay me?

Fisherman: (roaring) No means no, Isabelle! I don't want to hear anything else about this!

Selkie: (furious but quiet) ...Do you remember what you said to me the day we met? You said that not all humans were evil. And the fool I am, I believed you! Well... thank you for showing me the truth.

(Selkie storms off throws the plates off the table in anger, shouts, bangs the table, and exits.)

(At the beach, Selkie enters, staring out at the ocean morosely. Fisherman enters hesitantly.)

Fisherman: Isabelle?

Selkie: Go away.

(Selkie turns away from Fisherman.)

Fisherman: Here. (hands her the sealskin)

Selkie: My sealskin...? But you...

Fisherman: You belong to the sea. Go home and be happy.

Selkie: (clutches the sealskin reverently) ...Thank you.

(She starts to leave)

Fisherman: Isabelle? (she turns to look at him) I love you.

(Selkie smiles wordlessly, then disappears behind the rock and Seal 'swims' into the sea before exiting. Fisherman watches her go, then exits.)

Narrator: The fisherman never saw the selkie again. Eventually he moved on with his life, got married and had two beautiful children. The selkie watched him and his family grow up from the safety of the sea, and wished with all her heart that she'd told him how much she loved him, too.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Fairytales teach us that love is a princess who lives happily ever after. Movies teach us that love is the most attractive couple in the room. Books teach us that love is passion and mystery surrounding a thief with a heart of gold.

But life teaches us that love is pain and hurt and sacrificing your happiness for theirs. Love is being selfless and putting your loved one before you. Love is spending a thousand days and a thousand nights watching them love another person.

Love is letting go.

Ladies and gentlemen, I leave you with this quote: If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours forever. But if it doesn't, it was never yours to begin with.

My name is Isabelle, and I thank you for your attention.