A Renegade's Reprieve

The stars were there to witness
The moment I knew
About you.
All about you.

And they glittered and glistened,
In that constant way they do,
As I cried
Over you.

Whilst you - a soul
So tiny, so precious,
Like the tiniest diamond
Cut out in
The blackest sky -
Revealed in your heart the blackest hole,
Destined to die.

Like the rest of the mortals
On this dear, forsaken planet.

You opened the door
And invited me in,
Invited me to witness
Your every crime and sin.

And in return,
I offered you my tears,
My gladness and my sadness
And the value of my fears.

You have shown me the worst of you,
The darkest crevices
And the blackest spaces
Of your mind.

You have revealed your ugliness,
Your hatefulness,
Your spite and your flaws.
You've hurt people;
You've broken laws.

Like me.
Like everyone.

And the world can cast their nets
And throw their stones,
Fish you out from the sea,
Fling you in a box and label you

But to me, you have never looked as beautiful
As you do now.