Musical Courage

My heart thumps like the beating bass drum

My tears stick to my eyes from so many years of holding them in

I think to myself, "Everyone has a Breaking Point."

As I feel bad that my emotions are getting to me.

I walk away fuming but don't say anything to you

What can I say?

That I quit?

No, if I did I would just be admitting defeat.

Which I will never do.

Escpecially not when you try to take away music.

One of the two things I still believe in.

You tell me to play louder and play better but I can't

If I play louder I'll sound terrible and everyone will laugh

If I could play better it wouldn't be a problem

And I wouldn't be outrun by the others in my section

The time passes slowly as slow as molasses

Once the bell rings I leave ready to just succumb to tears

But I don't

I keep on going on and never say a word

Because even if you try to take the music away

I still have my courage to stand strong

And I still have my books to read

Which you can' take away because you aren't in my head.

A/N: And now music, the only other thing I had to turn to in sadness about the betrayal of that friend has been destroyed. My band teacher seems to think her class is more important then passing the ninth grade and she also seems to think I shouldn't be in the class but yeah.