God of the Sky

Chapter Three: Dearest Fulch

Gongor drew in a deep breath. He raised his hands above his head, and began muttering incantations. After another cleansing breath, he reached deep into his robes and threw up a strange powdery dust into the air. "Hulch," Gongor whispered, concentrating on the dust floating everywhere. "In order for this to work, you must want this like you've never wanted something before. Now... blow."

Hulch closed his eyes, and blew as hard as he could.

Asan and Malna watched in astonishment as the ghostly figure of Fulch appeared before them. With each and every breath, Fulch became clearer, and clearer until he looked alive and well, and like no day had passed since his death. "Brother?" he breathed.

Hulch couldn't believe his eyes. "Fulch," he whispered back, a sad smile crossing his face. They rushed to embrace each other, but Hulch only went through his youngest brother's body. "Brother, I've waited so long to see you again."

"Oh how I've missed you," Fulch said. "And you, too... little one. Where is my darling Minyah?"

"Down below, Grandfather," Malna replied. "She's missed you dearly."

"But Hulch has missed you most of all," Gongor said looking between the two brothers. "He he has been in mourning ever since you left this earth. He blames himself for your death, oh Mighty Fulch."

"Really, brother?"

Hulch nodded meekly.

"Hulch, brother... do not blame yourself for something that is not yours to take the blame. It was Father's decision, and his alone. You had no part in my passing. You have wasted twenty long years of mourning, you deserve some happiness." Fulch looked down at his hands, becoming more and more transparent by the second. "Time is running out, brother. But, as my dying wish... promise me something."


"Be happy, dear brother. Stop the terrible weather I hear about so often."

Hulch nodded eagerly. "Of course," he replied. "I shall, now."

"And, Malna... take care of your Grandmother for me."

"I will," Malna smiled.

And with a sudden loud pop, Fulch disappeared leaving behind only a few minuscule specs of dust. Malna longed to catch just one more glimpse of him before he descended back to the Underworld, but he was gone. Hulch stood completely still, as if he were in some sort of trance. His lip quivered, and soon he began sobbing. Suddenly, Hulch's tears began falling onto earth.

Malna walked forward hesitantly. "Uncle, it's okay," she soothed. "He doesn't blame you, Uncle. Everything will be okay."

Hulch looked up, eyes wet with tears. "Malna," he cried. "Could you find a place in your heart to forgive me?"

Malna grinned. "Of course. But you must stop these terrible mood swings."

He nodded. "I know, I know my dear. I now understand that taking my emotions out on Earth was a terrible thing." Hulch pulled her into his embrace, "Malna, I am so deeply sorry." He looked up to Asan and Gongor. "I apologize to you both, too."

Asan smiled. "It's all right."

"We're happy to help," Gongor said.

"Thank you for showing the errors of my ways," Hulch replied. "Now, I suppose it really must be time for some actual good weather."

"Oh, definitely," Asan and Malna said in unison.

Asan was overjoyed, and he knew his Grandmother would be, too. Malna, Asan, and Gongor watched as Hulch pulled the clouds away from the sun, and released it onto earth. Crops began growing instantly, as if by magic. People left their homes, and played out in the sun. The earth was happy. Finally, the glowing sun rays shone down on Drumersten.

Feeling a sudden burst of strength, Asan's Grandmother left the hut for the first time in nearly a decade.

And that was the very last time earth was cursed with Hulch's terribly bad moods.

It is said that merely days after the "curse" had been lifted, Asan's Grandmother passed away. Asan was heartbroken, and cried for days. But he was able to get through it with the help of his new friend, Malna. Asan was happy about one thing, however; she had gotten to see the good weather before she was gone.

To thank them, Hulch rewarded Asan and Malna with Godhood, saying that after their passing, they would come to the clouds to rule with him. The two children were also rewarded in their village when they returned.

Asan and Malna remained good friends, and went on many more adventures with each other.

They went on to get married and have three children a decade later.

And because of their good deed, earth was never plagued with bad weather again.