The girl pushed the horse up to a canter, rocking with the gait as the green pastures flew past. "Beautiful," called the young man standing by the fence.

"Huh," she commented, pulling the horse up next to him. "Things really mean nothing to someone who don't know what he's looking at."

"What?" the man questioned.

The girl shook her head. "That can't possibly be described as 'beautiful'. We were off balance, outta sync, and he was fightin' for his head the whole time. It wasn't beautiful. 'Not bad' possibly; 'not wholly a disaster' maybe, but it sure wasn't beautiful. You just don't know what you're looking at."

"Ah, on the contrary, I did see the unbalance- though not the fighting. I could tell you were out of sync with him but it was still beautiful."

The girl snorted. "You're crazy. How can that possibly be beautiful? We were a complete mess."

The man stepped up and rubbed the horse's sweaty neck while looking up at her, smiling. "I saw that mess, but what was beautiful was the determination you had. The sheer fact that he allows you to ride him and that you work together well enough to manage to stay at an unbalanced, out of sync canter is amazing and that is beautiful."

The girl gave him a funny look. "Lucas, I don't think you understand the definition of 'beautiful," she drawled.

"Of course I know the definition. We just have different ones."

"A word can have multiple definitions, but not opposite ones."

"Yes it can. You find any horse, anywhere, beautiful. I find music beautiful. Both are beautiful and yet they are different."

"Different, yes," she allowed. "But they aren't opposites."

Lucas shook his head, grinning. "You don't understand."

"Well, duh. You ain't makin' any sense."

"What I mean," he explained slowly, "is that we find different things beautiful. One person can look at a scrawny, shaggy horse and think it's ugly but you look at that same horse and think it looks wild and free and beautiful. The same can be said about music: I like a type of music that many others listen to and think it's god-awful."

"So you think that what I think is ugly is beautiful? I could understand that if it wasn't the mess that I dare call a canter."

"The canter itself was rough, yes, but the determination that you had trying to collect him up and work out the problems- that was most certainly beautiful."

She tilted her head, studying Lucas curiously. "I think I might be able to understand what you're saying."

He grinned. "Good!"

"But I still disagree on calling that mess beautiful. Now, lemme go see if I can make something really beautiful." She grinned wolfishly as she kicked the horse up into an almost perfectly balanced canter. "I got it!" she whooped.

"Now, ain't that pretty," Lucas said, mimicking the girl's drawl.