I Remember

I see you sitting there, I see you laughing, I see you taking notes

I remember the times that I sat by you

I remember the times that everything went great

I wish that you'd just take a break and let me tell you what I have to say

I've wanted to tell you how badly you've hurt me

You know how they say, "words don't hurt you?"

That's a lie.

Words are more painful than anything else

Whenever someone says something about me and dating

I want to cry

Whenever someone doesn't get it

I want to walk away.

But, I can't.

I can't leave without making a scene

And I don't want to

I know you remember, I know you think something of it.

But I don't know what.

If I did I wouldn't lock myself in the bathroom after Math

And I wouldn't think of ways to get away with walking over to you and just yelling

But, for now, I have to settle with doing my best to keep from just hiding away my whole life.

I tell myself I don't care and I put up a fa├žade but I know I do care

And I know that hiding it won't do me any good.

But I have to give up on the hope that you'll come around.

Because, you never will.

A/N: I know I write a lot of poetry but I have to put the emotions somewhere and the last time I told my parents about something they went to the school's princepal and nearly got a teacher fired and I really don't trust kids my own age{see if you can figure that one out.} Most of the kids I've been friends with at one point have betrayed me.

Like one girl from when I was a child come to find out she wa on;y my friend because she pittied me. Honestly, to me that's worse than picking on the new student that missed the first half of school for reason that will not be discussed in plain sight but if you'd like to know I will tell you through PM. As always please review and tell me what you thought of the poem and basically ignore the fact that I confide in a bunch of random stranger through poetry but can't confide in the people I know in real life.