Hey guys. This is the first poem I've posted on Fiction Press, and it means a lot to me, so please don't flame it. Cookies to the person who can guess what each verse means.

The Last Angel

You stand outside,

With a sun so slight,

As all around you,

Birds take flight,

People walk by,

They think you're all right,

But still within you,

Your heart is locked tight ,

In that deep, dark place,

You continue to fight,

Because you can still hear his voice,

As he says he just might…

While you sit beside him,

Chewing big bites,

Then comes the monster,

From the nearby bar,

Screaming and roaring,

Off to your right,

And you spiral into the darkness,

Where red stains white,

And later you cry,

In a room too bright,

'Cause your last angel,

Has fallen from sight,

Screaming goodnight,

As he said he just might…

Torn away,

By the headlights.