Anything is Possible if you just believe

Taking Chances came tearing down the stretch, lengthing her stride as she sped up more. The filly was preparing for her maiden this weekend. Steve was sure that she'd do well.

"0.58.63. I think she's ready." Steve said, looking at me.

I smiled. "She covered five furlongs in under a minute. That's the second time in the past few weeks. I think that's pretty impressive." I said, running a hand through my hair. Taking Chances covered four furlongs in about 46 seconds almost a year ago. She's got some speed on her, that was no secret.

I looked up at Ty and Smiled. "She's going to be amazing." He said, putting an arm around my neck, then kissed me on the forehead. We're been dating for about seven years now.

"I think this filly is going to be a superstar." Dominic said, jumping off the slender filly. He's ridden for Mirkwood Farms before, so Steve got him back to ride Taking Chances.

I nodded. "Yeah she is. She can do five furlongs in under a minute." I said, walking towards the filly.

Steve held onto the filly, she still had energy to spare. "My biggest concern is that she'll show speed way to early. Not many horses manage to take the win." He said. I knew what he was thinking, since many horses have tried and failed. Geronimo was one, he went straight for the front and lost by a head. He showed speed early, and at one time during the race he was leading by 8 lengths.

"I'm well aware of that. But you have to remember Taking Chances is not Geronimo." I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

"I think Chances will win tomorrow, but no one will know for sure until the race. We need to keep our options open. Look what happen during Geronimo's very first race, it wasn't till his second race when he actually broke his maiden." Ty said, I nodded in agreement.

"Geronimo's goal is the 2011 Kentucky derby. He's done for the season, winning four out of his five starts." Steve said.

"Have some faith in the filly, she's been amazing so far. I think she has a chance at winning her maiden." I said, running a hand through my hair.

"I gotta agree." Dominic said. I was glad that Steve got him to ride Chances, he is also the jockey for Geronimo.

I smiled and mouthed 'Thank You.'

Dominic just nodded. "You have some very talented colts and fillies." He said, smiling. I know he was talking about a few of the thoroughbreds that just started getting trained. Like Black Lightning for example, his maiden is in September.

"I know." I said, watching Chances prance besides Steve as he led her towards the barn. The two year old filly wanted to go again, she clearly loved running. I think she truly is a unique filly.

"You ready?" Ty asked, whispering in my right ear.

I looked at him and nodded. "I was born ready. I'm excited but nervous. Geronimo lost by a head in his maiden, but it was a very exciting race. I think Chances will hold onto the lead and win by a length or two." I said.

Ty nodded. "I agree." He said, kissing my right temple.

"Hey Mikaela." Steve said, walking back towards Ty and I.

I smiled. "Yeah?" I asked.

"For the race tomorrow, Taking Chances is currently the third favorite. A horse called InYourDreams is the current favorite." Steve said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I've heard of her, my brother in law trains her." I said.

Steve nodded. "Their saying that she's a beast. I'm a tad bit worried." He said.

"You think that it's gonna be a repeat of Geronimo's maiden. He raced against Dark Demon, who is also trained by my brother in law." I said.

"I still think Chances could win." Ty said.

"No offense but you said the same thing about Geronimo during his maiden, and he lost to Dark Demon by a head." Steve said.

"Which ended up being the most exciting maiden this year. Geronimo hasn't lost a race since, he's been in five races so far. He beat Dark Demon the second time they raced." Ty said.

I frowned, Aaron Sage is my brother in law and main rival to Steve. "Dark Demon was undefeated in three starts when Geronimo raced against him the second time." I said. Geronimo beat Dark Demon by four lengths. Aaron admitted that no horse would have been able to pass Geronimo that day.

"Fine. If InYourDreams takes tomorrow's race, I'm gonna be pissed." Steve said.

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah I get that." I said, a little annoyed. Steve ran a hand through his short blonde hair and walked away.

Dominic walked by. "Don't worry, Steve always gets this way before race day." He said, smiling and walking away.

I couldn't blame him, Chances is his fourth horse that he trained that is owned by Mirkwood Farms. "I'm nervous too." I said, glancing at Ty. I always get nervous before race day. You think I'd be used to this by now since Chances is my tenth racehorse.

"I think everyone will be." Dominic said, looking over his shoulder. Couldn't argue with that.

Ty looked at me. "You still want to go through with this?" He asked.

I nodded. "I think a lot of people are expecting chances to make her debut tomorrow." I said, running a hand through my hair.

"And she'll do fine. Even if she doesn't win. I know you'll still love her no matter what happens." Ty said. I looked at him and nodded. I love all of my horses, and wouldn't be able to love them any less then what I already do. If anything I'd love them more.

"This is gonna be a busy year. Next month Black Lighting will start racing, followed by Phantom's Eve maiden in October." I said.

Ty nodded. "Isn't Black Lightning's goal the kentucky derby?" He asked.

"That's the plan, but he has to prove himself in his maiden first." I said, frowning. If both Geronimo and Lightning make it into the Kentucky Derby, it's gonna be one interesting race

I am a fan of horse racing; I'm gonna start listening some of my favorite racehorses at the bottom of each chapter.
All time favorite racehorse: Barbaro; undefeated in six starts. He won the 2006 Kentucky Derby by seven lengths, being the largest margin of victory in over sixty years at the time. He broke down during the '06 preakness stakes, ending his career. The colt was put down eight months later after the colt got laminitis. The owners realized that he was never gonna live without pain, and they felt that it was time to let him go. April 29, 2003 - January 29, 2007