The week went by pretty fast. Before I knew it Chances was back on the track, the other day she galloped five and a half furlongs in 1:04.68. According to Steve, that's still pretty fast. He didn't want Dominic to push her as hard, since she hasn't had a work out for a week. The filly was fighting the entire time, she wanted to run. She loves to run. It was a week away from her second race, and then she's not expected to race again for a month.

"How do you think she'll do?" I asked, leaning against the fence.

Steve sighed. "Well I think she'll do pretty good. She might place in the top three, but I don't know if she'll win this race. There's another filly going into the race that is undefeated in two starts. She won her last race by thirteen lengths."

I frowned a little. "What's her name?" I asked.

"Push Me, I push back." Steve said.

Sounded familiar. "Did she race the same day Chances did?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest. I remember hearing that another horse won a race by ten lengths. She took off at the top of the stretch, just like Chances did.

"Yeah. She ran in the race after Chances."

So this filly had Stevie a tad bit worried, just like InYourDreams had him worried in the last race. "So chances may actually be challenged. I think which ever horse is the best, will win. So what if Chances doesn't win." I wasn't worried, I'd love this horse no matter what. She's shown that she has talent, and that's all that matters.

"I agree." He said.

I smiled a little and then looked at the filly. "How far today?" Dominic asked.

"Five and a half again." Steve said, looking at his stop watch. I wonder how she'll do today. "This time, let her go once she hits the top of the stretch." This was going to be interesting.

Dominic nodded, and then started trotting Chances down the track. She tried to break into a canter a few times. "She loves to run, that should be a plus." I stated.

"A lot of horses love to run. Especially thoroughbreds."

I rolled my eyes. "You need to believe in her. I do. The jockey isn't the one who chooses the victory, the horse is." I said, glancing at Steve. I think a lot of people tend to forget that. I have a feeling that Chances may give a good run this weekend, even if she wins or loses. Something I learned from the last race is that she will not back down so easily. She was dueling it out with InYourDreams for a little bit before she took off like a rocket at the top of the stretch. That was a miracle.

"She'll be going six and a half furlongs this time." Steve said.

I glanced at the filly, she was just starting to hit cruise control. The filly came galloping down the track, and hit the top of the stretch. Only rather then letting the filly go full out, he started easing her up. "Something's wrong." I said, noticing that Chances was running funny. She was picking her right front leg up, like as if she was injured.

Steve jumped the fence and started walking towards the filly. "Something's wrong." Dominic had repeated the exact words I said thirty seconds ago. "She started when she ran about four furlongs. I've been fighting her this entire time."

Steve felt her right front leg. "She threw her shoe and managed to crack her hoof. Did she hit her leg on anything?" He asked, standing up. That could mean only one thing, she was out of the race on Saturday.

"I don't think so. What about the race on Saturday?" Dominic asked.

Steve shook his head. "She'll have to be scratched." He ran a hand through his hair, and glanced at me. "I'll let them know that she's out of the race this weekend. I think her next race should will be in September sometime." I nodded in agreement, that was perfectly understandable. I'm sure fans of the filly were gonna be disappointed but I'm sure they'll understand. I hope.

Dominic looked disappointed. "I've been asked to ride Push me, I push back on Saturday. I was planning to ride Chances, but since she's out. Guess I'll tell my agent that'll I ride the other undefeated filly."

Steve led Chances towards the barn. "She'll be fine in a few weeks. I'm thinking her next race will be mid-September."

I pulled out my cell phone, and texted Ty. 'Taking Chances is being scratched from the race this weekend. Tell your friends to cancel their bets.' I know they've been making bets on who's going to win the race this Saturday, most were going with Chances. I looked at Dominic. "Sorry, I know you really wanted to ride her this Saturday."

"Well these things happen. Guess better now, then during the race." He said, walking away.

I heard my phone go off, I flipped it open and read the text message. 'Well that's disappointing to hear. They're all going with Push me, I'll push back now. Why was she scratched?' Wonder what kind of bets they were dealing with, at least they can switch their bets to the other undefeated filly. 'She threw her shoe during the workout today, and managed to crack her hoof. She won't be expected to race again till mid-September.' I knew he'd find out sooner or later, but that wouldn't be till the end of the day since he's at work.

I was really looking forward to this weekend. I started walking towards the house when I heard my phone going off. I glanced at the caller id and saw that it was my sister, Kristie.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey, I was wondering how Chances is doing? I heard she's going to be racing against Push me, I push back." Kristie said.

I ran a hand through my hair. "She's out. She threw her shoe today and cracked her hoof in the process. She won't race until mid-September, that's the plan anyways." I said.

Kristie didn't say anything for a few minutes, she was probably letting the news sink in. "So Chances is scratched from the race?"


"That's...disappointing. I was actually going with her to take the race this weekend." She said. I could actually hear the disappointment in her voice. I couldn't blame her, I was disappointed. I've had horses scratched from races before, but Chances was the favorite in the race. She was going to be running on turf.

"Guess everyone is going with push me, I push back now." I said.

"Yeah. Dang news travels fast. It's already posted saying that she's out of this weekend's race. Shouldn't be surprised, since news has always traveled fast. Sorry that she's out of the race." Kristie said.


"Well I gotta go, I'll let Aaron know that she's out. He placed a bet on her to win." Kristie said.

"Alright, talk to you later."

I hung up and ran a hand through my hair. I wonder how people were reacting to the news of Chances being pulled out of the race this weekend. I could get online using my cell phone, so that's what I did. I went straight to Chances page. The newest posting was about her being scratched from the race this weekend. A lot of people seemed disappointed, but one person said that she's glad that chances is out because she's overrated. I rolled my eyes, that seems to be normal.