You know, you're so NICE to me.

You do so many things for me,

Things I'm PERFECTLY capable of doing myself.

You get books for me.

You pick up my stuff off the floor.

You take on some of my tasks before I can start them.

You smile at me.

Every day, without fail, you say hi to me.

Every Friday, you wish me a good weekend.

You're so KIND.

Practically a freaking angel.

But I know you're only doing that because you PITY me.

What other reason can it be?

It's not like we're friends.

Nor have we known each other for long.

It'll be a lie if I claim to be drop dead gorgeous.

I'm not pretty at all.

Furthermore, I don't happen to be very nice.

Shit, I give off a freaking unfriendly vibe.

However, I'm not a victim.

I may not have craploads of friends,

BUT I choose my own path.

I'm so sorry I'm not always spitting out sunshine.

Smiling all the freaking time is a bitch.

Yeah, so what if I may not have the best life.

Not many people do.

You might have things going for you,

But don't PITY me.

I don't need it.

I don't want it.

So take your worthless pity and fuck off.

I can live without it.

Whether you hate it or not, thank you for reading.