Chapter 1

Beep, beep, beep.

I woke up to my very loud and annoying alarm clock. It was finally the first day of ninth grade.

I lazily removed my blanket and sighed as I ruffled my hair and went to my closet, grabbing a purple long sleeve shirt and black jeans. I then went to the bathroom and took a small shower like I did every morning during summer.

After the shower, I got dressed and brushed through my silver hair, avoiding my silver colored cat ears. I then carefully fixed my tail through the back hole of my pants since I didn't like the idea of my tail being cramped into a small space.

I went downstairs and grabbed a glass of milk that was really meant for my mom, but I didn't care.

I grabbed a small hair clip that was left on the counter and inserted it in my hair, making me look like a girl, and I also didn't care about that fact.

Alright, so I was your almost normal teenage boy; I had silver hair, and dark purple eyes that everybody thought were contacts; I also had a set of silver cat ears and a tail. How I was born with them, I don't know, and apparently neither did my parents.

My name is Ash Rae Bell.

My relationship with my parents is very compicated, and quite frankly, they hate me because of how I looked and acted. And I guess I kind of hated them back, but oh well.

I grabbed my backback and ran outside and walked to my school: Kyler High School.

It was a normal sized school, but the fact of it was, a forth of the schools population were demons, but no one but the demons knew that fact. They were just considered normal humans by the actual humans that went there; well except for me because of my visible ears and tail so I was like an outcast to the students.

Kyler High's grade levels were eighth grade through twelfth grade. So that's how I'm known around the school.

I walked into the school and walked to a wall on the right of the front doors. There were many bozes with papers in them and I looked to one that had the letter 'B' above it. I rummaged through it to see my paper and grabbed it, then went to the locker it said: locker 201.

I got to the locker and tried my new combo: 36-19-53. It was fairly easy and I got it on the first try. I knelt down and opened my backpack to place my things in there. I had a notebook; a few books for reading days; my magnetic pencil rack, in which I placed all of my pecils and things in; and a small wolf stuffed animal, which I placed at the top of my locker.

I put my backpack into my locker and grabbed my trapper, and then went to the first class I had. It was English.

I was pretty early so I just picked a desk in the back since I knew no one would want to sit in the back, and then sat down in it.

After a couple minutes of being alone, a few kids walked in a took their seats, and then more and more came in as it neared the time that the bell would ring.

Mr. Sai walked in a few minutes after the bell rang and most the kids laughed and yelled out late. And in return Mr. Sai laughed along with them and smiled wide at the comments from the kids.

Mr. Sai was the best teacher ever, and I was glad I had him first hour.

"Alright, alright. Settle down now." he motioned with his hands for the class to quiet and they did, eventually. "Okay so today, for your frst day back to school, we are going to do someth-" he was interrupted by the door opening a boy/demon walked into the class.

I stared at the demon for a bit without realising it. He had pitch black hair and dark blue eyes... that were instantly on me and I quickly looked away. I saw from the corner of my eyes that a smirk appeared on his face and then he looked at the teacher.

"Ah, you must be the 'new' student." he replied and smiled wide again. "Damien is it?" The boy nodded at this and I twitched my ears curiously. "Well then, class you all know what we do with new students don't you?"

The class nodded and soon hands shot up into the air, making the demon confused.

"What you have to do is pick people out and answer their questions, simple really. Its what we do to get to know someone knew in this school. We did it with Mr. Bell over here as well." I perked up as he said my girlish last name and I frowned slightly. "Go on, don't be shy."

Damien's look changed from confused to amused and he picked out Sammy, a girl with brown hair.

"Do you have a girlfriend yet?" she asked and the class erupted in laughter, so did Mr. Sai.

"Samantha, basic questions, nothing like that." Mr. Sai said, calming down his laughter.

"Awe, well then what are your favorite animals?" she corrected her question and I looked up, feeling eyes on me again and saw that the demon kid was staring at me.

"Cats." he replied and I looked away from his gaze once again. He then chose Brendon, a boy with blonde hair.

"What is your favorite color?" he asked.

"Thats simple, its white." Damien once again replied, seeming bored.

After some more random questions, Mr. Sai told Damien to take the seat next to me. Damien happily took the offer and sat beside me, and when he sat down, I shuddered slightly feeling a slight touch to my side.

I tried my best to ignore Damien for the rest of the period when Mr. Sai was playing hangman with the class.

"Ok so, we know five letters of the word. _ORR _ _T_O_ Can anyone guess the full word?" Mr. Sai asked the class and after no one chose to raise their hands, I raised mine, knowing the answer.

Mr. Sai called on me and I felt nervous under all the eyes on me. I was never the type to like attention or anything like that.

"I-is it... u-uh correction?" I asked and Mr. Sai smiled wide.

"That is correct Ash." he said excitedly as he write the full word in and then the bell rang before he could speak again.

I instantly dashed out of the room and ran to my locker, gasping for air. I was still freaked out from that demon kid. And once again, no one but me knew he was a demon.

"So your name is Ash huh? Such a cute name for such a cute little kitten." I gasped and turned around quickly to see Damien opening up locker 200. I blushed slightly when he said cute but quickly shook the feeling away.

"Y-yeah." I replied bluntly and walked off to my next class, Chior. We had Mrs. Rayla for that, and she was a very pretty and excellent pianist.

I walked into the class and smiled at Mrs. Rayla.

"Oh hello Ash! I want you to do me a quick favor!" she rushed over to me, a wide grin on her face. I was unsure about what she wanted me to do, but I went along with it anyway.

"What is it Mrs. Rayla?" I asked and then she handed me a sheet of music.

"Sing this for the class." she told/ordered me. I sighed and frowned, looking at the music. Its been forever since I've actually sang something but Mrs. Rayla knew how good I was and she was always easy to impress.

"Fine." I said, sighing. I looked over the lyrics and smiled softly, it was one of the songs I knew quite well. 'World So Cold' by Three Days Grace.

After the bell rang and every one was in their seats, including the demon kid, I took a deep breath and looked the music over one more time.

"Class, for today, we are going to listen to Ash sing 'World So Cold' a famous song created by the band we all know so well: Three Days Grace." She looked at me with a wide smile. "Go on Ash, you can start now."

I looked at the class and saw Damien once again smirking at me and I quickly looked away, a small blush on my face, but I ignored it. I cleared my throat and started to sing a few pitches before singing the actual peice.

I saw Mrs. Rayla take her place at the piano and start the song for me. I frowned slightly but didn't bother to say I could sing it on my own. And then it was my cue.

'Never thought I'd feel this, guilty and I broken down inside. Livin' with my self, nothin' but lies.' I paused as I was supposed to in the song before continuing on, 'I always though I'd make it, but never knew I'd let it get so bad. Livin' with myself, is all I have.

'I feel numb, I can't come to life, I feel like I'm frozen in time. Livin' in a world so cold, wasting away. Livin' in a shell with no soul, since you've gone away.' I started to tear up around this part because it always reminded me of my brother Harley.

'Livin' in a world so cold, counting the days, since you've gone away, you've gone away.' I paused again for a few seconds before starting up the lyrics again, 'Do you ever feel me? Do you ever look deep down inside, staring at yourself, paralyzed?

'I feel numb, I can't come to life, I feel like I'm frozen in time. Livin' in a world so cold, wasting away. Livin' in a shell with no soul, since you've gone away. Livin' in a world so cold, counting the days, since you've gone away, you've gone away from me.

'I'm too young to lose my soul, I'm too young to feel this old. For so long I'm left behind, I feel like I'm loosing my mind.' Now I started the lyrics at almost a whisper like I was supposed to. 'Do you ever feel me? Do you ever look deep down inside, staring at yourself, paralyzed?

'Livin' in a world so cold, counting the days, since you've gone away, you've gone away. Livin' in a world so cold, counting the days, since you've gone away, you've gone away from me.

'I'm too young. I'm too young.' I said those last lyrics and waited for the music to end before closing my eyes tightly and taking my seat, hearing soft hesitant claps and then as Mrs. Rayla started to clap, so did the class, but I knew they didn't want to.

"Wasn't that just fantastic? Ash did a wonderful job singing that peice with ease, not a single mistake!" she said excitedly.

For the rest of the period, all we did was listen to Mrs. Rayla play the piano and sing songs and sometimes we would join in for verses we knew.

At the end of the class, I calmly got up and waited for the others to leave and then I made my way to my locker, again forgetting I didn't need anything.

Damien's P.O.V~

I watched silently as the little neko walked to his locker. He sure can be stupid sometimes, but I suppose you can add that to the things I can't resist about him. His dark purple eyes, which some may think are conatcts, but I knew for a fact that they were his natural color; his little kitten appearence; and the fact that hes innocent makes him an easy target for a demon like me.

It was official, I had to make him mine. I grinned evily as I walked up to him.

"Hello little kitten." I said, leaning against my locker. I think I scared him because he jumped up and gasped at the same time. I chuckled as he turned around to see me.

"D-don't do that." he ordered me. Awe how cute, the little kittens trying to play tough. I smirked at him and he blushed slightly when we made eye contact and then he looked away. "W-what do you want...?" he asked me, still looking away.

"Nothing." I shrugged in a bored way.

"T-then go away." he closed his eyes and I laughed at this. It didn't seem like he wanted me gone, so I didn't comply with his demand.

"If I didn't, what would you do?" I leaned towards him and he backed away from me.

"I-I'll uh... I'll tell the teacher on you." he stuttered. I found that oddly cute and I pushed him against his locker.

"Oh really?" I asked, licking my lips. I stared into his dark purple eyes as I said this and then my gaze came to his soft pink lips.

A demon can only control himself for a little while, so we demons tend to ignore these feelings all together, but I just couldn't, not with such a hot little neko in front of me, pinned against his locker.

"P-please d-don't hurt me." he sounded scared, but I didn't give it much thought because the bell rang, signaling for class to start. I growled to myself, upset.

Damn it, we're late. I pulled away and walked calmly down to Science. I saw from the corner of my eyes that Ash had raced down to his next class, which I guessed was Math.

Finally, school was over and I was able to go home, but not before I made that neko mine. I had to, so no other demon would get their hands on him.

As soon as I got to my locker to put up my Math book, I saw Ash putting his things up and then after I closed my locker, I pinned him to the locker again.

"L-leave me alone!" he whimpered, a tear streaming down his cheek. I hadn't noticed it before but I think he was crying.

"Why are you crying?" I demanded. He hiccuped and whimpered more.

"W-why do you care." I took my hand and whiped away oncoming tears.

"Tell me, why are you crying." I said again. He sniffed and looked down.

"I-it won't matter if-" I cut him off.

"Tell me damn it!" I growled and he gasped, scared.

"C-Caleb and H-Henry were bullying me." he said.

My P.O.V~

"I-it won't matter if-" I was cut offf by the demons angry tone.

"Tell me damn it!" he growled and I gasped, more scared right now than I had been of Damien.

"C-Caleb and H-Henry were bullying me." I whispered and closed my eyes tightly as I thought back to the end of the last period: History.

"Hey stupid cat." I turned around to see Caleb and Henry, the worst two kids at school, well aside from Damien now. These kids weren't demons though.

"Little wimps like you don't belong in this school." I heard Henry say, a wide grin on his face.

"W-what do you want from me Caleb...?" I asked, ignoring Henry for the time being.

"Oh nothing really, it's just been so long since we've played. Hasn't it Henry?" Henry nodded, both of the boys grinning and laughing as they ganged up on me.

"P-please not today..." I whimpered and teared up as they began their normal torture routine with me: pulling my ears and my tail, hitting me and kicking me, and many other things that I didn't like.

Damien sighed and pulled away from the locker. "This may be the funnest year I've ever had." he grinned as he looked at me and I gulped, sliding down the locker.

"W-what are you going to do...?" I whispered in a question. Damien continued to grin and then walked away, ignoring my question.

I sighed and cleared up my crying after a bit and walked out of the school, walking home.

This year was officially going to suck.