Chapter 6

I stood back from the school entrance, a proud and triumphant smirk on my face as I watched two policemen carry away the wretched Mr. Morris away for good.

I was pleased when I heard from Mr. Sai that this was going on today so I came to watch; only… Ash had begged to come along as well. Of course I couldn't say no to that adorable little puppy-dog face he puts up when he wants something, and besides, he was overjoyed when he heard the news so that also added to the whole 'I couldn't say no to him' thing.

"I can't believe he's going away for good this time." Ash said, so quietly that I was barely able to catch his words. I looked down at him to see him smiling slightly, a few tears running down his cheeks.

"Hm, yes, for good this time." I smirked as I got his attention and was slightly pleased as I received a confused look. One that was silently asking why I was smirking at him or at something else perhaps?

"Damien…?" Ash tilted his head slightly to the side and I chuckled.

"Now I know he won't be messing with my little kitten ever again." I said triumphantly before swooping him up bridal style, hearing the faintest surprised squeak from him before I captured his lips with my own.

I was very, very pleased to say he returned the kiss with as much passion as I gave, which is saying something since I was a vampire and he was just a mere kitten.

We reluctantly pulled away due to that pesky little thing called air to recollect our breath.

"Damien…?" I hummed in answer to him saying my name as he rested his head against my chest. "Can we go back home now?"

My P.O.V~

I smiled contently when Damien nodded to my question and headed to my house without a word spoken.

As I laid there in satisfaction, I pondered over what Damien could've been thinking about when he had smirked at me or what he was thinking about now that made him so quiet but made his heart beat soar.

But when I kept thinking about it longer, my mind and my thoughts went to that one dream I had… about him, before I had woken up and decided to risk my life clearing my head outside… in the dark… where Lixia Gas hung in the air. I admit now it was the most stupid thing I could've ever done, but had I not done that, I wouldn't have run into Damien out there.

I opened my eyes slightly as I heard the opening of a door and smiled once more as I noticed we reached my home and I shook my head when I saw my parents weren't home. How typical of them not to be.

"We're here." I chuckled lightly to those words and nodded my head discreetly.

"I know." I sat up slightly as soon as he set me on the bed and stared up at him for a few moments, the same little mysterious smirk placed on his face just as before and when we met outside on that night.

As soon as he noticed me staring at him, he shook his head and looked away, a slight frown on his face. "What?" he asked and I tilted my head lightly.

"Why… why were you smirking at me like that? What's going on in that thick head of yours?" I asked, clearly eager to know the reason and was only slightly frightened when he turned back to me with that same smirk, only… it was a bit familiar to me now. It was a smirk that mixed mystery with slyness, like he knew something I didn't, or he wanted to do something but wasn't sure how to act on it. I wasn't sure which yet; give me a few months and I'll know ever face and gesture that he makes, maybe even the tones he uses for his words.

"Would you really like to know, love?" I blushed lightly when he said 'love' and bit my lower lip, thinking over my answer before nodding.

"I don't like not knowing things." I answered and smiled brightly when he laughed at that before kneeling on my bed, almost hovering completely above me in a sort of intimidating and dominating way that made me a little scared, but also curious.

And you know what curiosity does to a cat… right?

"I'm not exactly sure on whether to tell you what is going through my mind or not, it may just scare the pants off of you." He said in a teasing way, licking his lips playfully when he said 'scare the pants off of me' which made me shiver and blush slightly.

I gulped, shrinking back into the bed, blinking a few times. "I think I have a pretty good idea what is going on in there…" I mumbled, sounding quite pathetic when I said those words. "And I have one word to say to you, if I am right."

"Oh? And what word would that be?" he seemed intrigued by that, but not surprised; almost like he knew I was going to say something like that or he knew what exactly I was going to say. And I would not be surprised if he did know what I was going to say to him.

"P… p-pervert…" I watched intently as he licked his lips again, now moving fully over me so I was not able to escape, too bad for me.

"So maybe I am, but you wouldn't have me any other way, would you?" I didn't hesitate to shake my head no before leaning up slightly to meet him in a small chaste kiss, curious to the wonders that could lead from here, but at least it wouldn't be as painful and harsh… and bad as what he did to me… I can tell.