I hate my life. I work for a crappy old man, and I have no friends. None! Everyone makes fun of me for who I am. And I guess, I'm a dragon.

Yeah, I said it, go ahead and laugh now. I'm a black dragon. Huge black wings, amazing fire power, and a great long tail as well, oh and did I mention I have sterling silver horns? Oh, who am I kidding, I'm not that great, I maybe lied.

Look, I'm the exact opposite of what I described. I'm small, I'm not that fierce... and I'm a human to top things off. Yes, I look exactly like a human sometimes, because I don't like to show my dragon identity. My name is Kylon, I have blonde hair and light blue eyes.

I also look very much like a girl, but I can assure you, I am a boy.

I work at a dragon farm. The dragon farms are the most greatest place to spend your time, but if you work for Diro, things get pretty tough around here.

Another thing, there are a total of 46 hours on Hiro, 30 during day, and 16 during the night. There are three moons too, Acou, Shiji, and Mona.

Any who, I gotta start somewhere in the story, right? So let's start here, in the morning when the sun first appears in the sky.