It was a few days right after my birthday, and with the air being chilly and the days getting shorter… I felt awfully tired. I could've been laying on the grass by the lake with Kumo, staring at the stars, but no. We had to be called here by the annoying snake and her adorable little sister.

I yawned as I sat in Kumo's lap, leaning against him with his arms wrapped around me tightly.

"Are you tired?" he asked me and I nodded.

"Yeah." I mumbled and looked around, seeing all four demons and my friends, not including Sukai and Hana. "Hey, where's Sukai and Hana?" I asked.

"I don't know but I'm getting annoyed." Miryoku said.

Akatsuki nuzzled into Ite's touch and smiled. "They were the ones that called us here on a free day." She said and I smiled at her, Odori, and Banira. It seemed the three finally found their little love with the demons like I have.

As if on cue, Sukai burst through the doors of the café with a piece of paper. Hana followed behind her, still as shy as ever.

"Guess what!?" Sukai grinned wide as she looked at all of us.

"Hn?" I replied and yawned again, making the others laugh at me. I just glared at them and looked back at Sukai and Hana.

"I won the drawing contest I entered!" she squealed and the girls all looked at each other in excitement.

"No way!" Miryoku grinned.

"That's great!" Odori smirked.

"What'd you win?" Banira asked.

"Tell us!" Akatsuki pleaded and Sukai laughed.

I was so confused…

"Me, my sister, as well as all of you guys get to go on a cruise to the Dobutsu Isles!"

I smiled wide at this and looked to Kumo, who smiled back at me. I rested my head on his chest again and grinned to myself.

So then, I guess another adventure awaits us now. I wonder what will happen then.