~Dragon Legends~

Midnight and Sephiroth

Long ago, in the Neisa Galaxy, two very powerful and majestic dragons roamed the earth and skies. It was said that these two very dragons were the sole guardians of the nine planets. These two dragons names were Midnight and Sephiroth.

Now, they say that Sephiroth, the white dragon, was the good and great dragon, our angel showered by the light. And that Midnight, the black dragon, was the galaxies very own demon, smothered in the darkness that consumes the planets and more. But that is far from the truth as we know it.

Midnight and Sephiroth were great enemies that clashed with one another for dominance while the other claimed peace. Midnight fought hard for the planets peace and he wasted no time with trying to prevent the worlds destruction. Sephiroth though, was keyed in with great power, more than any dragon should ever have possessed and wanted for him and only himself to be the sole guardian, the sole ruler of the Neisa Galaxy, but Midnight wouldn't have it.

The battle between light and dark and good and evil had lasted many centuries, though the people never knew about it and kept with their business; of course, only the DragonStone carriers knew of this great battle held in the skies.

After many long years of fighting and many losses for the dragons, Midnight, with the help of the DragonStone carriers, ended the great battle by sacrificing himself to capture and seal away Sephiroth inside a sword, while Midnight himself was sealed away somewhere else; no one knew where.

The carriers celebrated the capture and mourned the loss of Midnight by hiding away the sword with magic, binding it as a pen sealed away in the sacred DragonStone Diary; leaving the journal with the sole family that held both Midnight's and Sephiroth's spirits.

And to this very day, neither dragons are forgotten and the seal for the sword, as well as Midnight's own soul, have never been broken or found.