Summary: Two lockets. Old and worn out, they hid the past of a love that had ended the glorious era of a land which stretched itself under the seven-coloured sky. The watches each contained no longer moved forward. One's glass frame had even cracked. And yet, those watches were bound to move forward once again, and bring back the splendor of that far away land that was now frozen.

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"Onee-chan! Where are you?" a little girl shouted as she ran through the halls of her familiar house. With her long black hair tied up on top of her head in the form of a bun, and wearing the standard sailor uniform of school, with black socks up to her knees, she moved around the house, peeping into the rooms that came about her way, her frustration at being unable to find her sister increasing every minute.

She turned her head as she waited for any sounds, when she spotted the half of the ladder which led to the attic. With a smirk, she dragged down the ladder and proceeded to climb into the dusty attic.

The dirty curtains hid most of the early rays of the sun, and the place was rather dark. She squinted her eyes, still unable to see anything, when she was abruptly grabbed from behind. The girl screamed in horror, but then regained composure as she felt the usual warmth of her elder sister.

"Caught you Aoi~" the sister said teasingly as she let go of her. She turned on the light switch, which Aoi had forgotten to turn on. Her little sister wore the usual pout as she admitted her loss.

"I'll definitely get you next time, Lynn-nee-chan!" she said angrily before getting down the ladder.

"... Onee-chan? Aren't you coming?" Aoi asked after a while, looking up at the attic entrance. Her sister's face then appeared her eyes bright with curiosity.

"I found something interesting. I'll come down in five minutes," she said before disappearing. Aoi sighed. This was her sister's bad habit. Whenever something caught her interest, she would drop all things at hand, be it homework or meetings, and go behind it. Shaking her head, the little girl went downstairs for breakfast.

Lynn Takahashi was a girl who preferred fantasies over reality. This could be partly attributed to the fact that she was orphan and was only an adopted child of the Takahashi family, and partly to the fact that she had no memories before becoming part of this family, at 10 years of age. The fact that she was discovered unconscious in the garden of the house on a stormy night and the fact that she could not be identified as the child of any parent did not help. Still, the warmth of her adoptive family turned her into a sweet, sixteen year old high school student.

This girl was right now busily rummaging through the endless amount of garbage which had collected in her attic. Her short pale yellow dress was a bit too short, as in her position right now, it exposed her delicate undergarments, but fortunately enough, or maybe unfortunately, not a soul saw this.

Also, though she was inside the house, she was wearing a black jacket, with sleeves that extended to the palms of her hand. Her black hair was short at the back, but the longer bangs at the front fell over her face, and each time she angrily put them back behind her ear. Her light blue eyes eagerly looked for anything at all, when a piece of a white cloth caught her attention.

It was half hidden beneath books and toys, and Lynn removed these away, revealing the thin white dress she had been wearing on that stormy night six years ago. Memories flooded back, and she took the dress in her hands. Something fell down, with a hollow noise.

The girl looked down and picked up the object. It was an old, worn out brass locket. Its intricate design intrigued her, and she opened it. It creaked as it did, as the hinges had rusted. A tiny watch was inside the locket, and it had stopped moving. Furthermore, its glass frame was cracked and dirty.

Lynn tried to clean the glass frame when the hands creaked, and began moving backwards at an increasing speed.

The girl was taken aback, and dropped the locket. The creaking noise then stopped, and she proceeded to pick it up again, but again, the hands moved backwards.

This time she did not drop the locket but instead grasped it tightly. The hands came to a halt – 12 o'clock. All of a sudden a bright light enveloped the room, which on closer inspection seemed to fade away. She stared at the room which vanished, leaving only a white space.

"…Aoi! Where are you?! Aoi!" she shouted, but received no reply. Then, she realized that she wasn't sitting on anything for that matter, and upon that conclusion, she fell headlong into the whiteness below.