Death is a rather funny thing.

Not, of course, to be confused with dying, no.


Those are two completely different things and if anyone says differently you should hit them and tell them that they are a fool.

Dying is never fun or easy because even if you want death or Death as I like to call it, your own body remains in that age old classic Survival Mode.

You can't stop it, it's what your body is programmed to do, keep you alive. After all, how is your body supposed to know that you don't wish to live anymore? After all this is what the human body is supposed to do;


Even if you are… 'falling apart' your body isn't going to just give up without some kind of a fight. No chance at all, your body will never give up on living; it's the Will to live that makes it fight, as I had said before.

I should add that I hate talking about Dying, it's not a pleasant subject to talk about really. However I also find it rather unusual how some people talk about relatives or friends who have 'passed' or it might be 'past'. It's never something I truly understand, then again it's never something that I personally have to go through and deal with, but it always confuses me.


'Passed on'?

Past what? Passed on what?

The pox? Swine flu?

Wait! You mean they are…


Use the words created for it rather than subsidize them with other words that are meant for other things. And if the thought is too raw? Well you probably wouldn't be able to talk about it at all.

However I am missing the point here, I suppose you humans can call it whatever you want to, after all He made you in His image.

(Although to be honest you don't, it's rather hard to look like a Being such as Him).

And please do stop gawping at me.

I know I am not Michael or Gabriel, or even Raphael – the Archangels, not the artists or even the turtles.

My mission here is clear. I am the Angel of Death.

Right, you really do need to close your mouth, I am sure I saw a fly go in.

And now you are choking on one.

Oh, don't give me that look. Did I not say that I am going to talk about Death?

Not dying, so you can put that thought to bed.


Some people don't understand Death, possibly because they don't understand religion or belief. Of course there are also those humans who are obsessed with it and think of all they can do to get into the Afterlife as though it is some kind of exclusive package deal.

The obsessed people have their own bit of Heaven, or Nirvana, Paradise, Summerland whatever you wish to call it, they have their over section up there away from everyone else.

I know how things work up there; I have to, considering it would be a lot harder to put each person into the right section.

Yes, yes little human, there are indeed sections. Big ones.


You are beginning to wonder who I am now, 'Angel of Death' you are thinking 'is that a new title for Death?'


I am not one of Terry Pratchett's characters that have come to life. I can assure you that I am very real.

Not many are aware of me, because of my kin; Michael, Gabriel ectera are all over the place, movies, books, paintings…

Of course Death is my constant companion. I bring those who are infirm, sick and I do not discriminate; all ages come to me, elderly, middle age, teenagers and babies.

Don't look at me like that. I cannot feel any guilt that is not how I was created. I gather so many souls, young and old that I cannot discern age between them, a young soul could have been in a body of an elderly human while an old soul could have been in a baby. It doesn't matter where the baby is from, east or west, I know when it is their time to depart or when to give someone a second chance at living.

I am very good at what I do. As I should be, I have been doing this for some time now.

No one is in pain or hungry or sad, in fact everyone, when they enter their own little section of the Afterlife find peace.

The sections around the Afterlife, and the Afterlife in infinite! Anyone who says that we turn souls away should be hit. Hard. Each section is for what the different souls believe the Afterlife is like, of course the soul has to truly believe in it.

As for those who don't believe in the Afterlife? Well, we can't just let a soul wander around the bleak darkness of nothing-ness for all eternity so we let the souls enjoy the peacefulness and then they return to the world of the living.

Re-born as humans.

For the others the spirit and soul are calm and it is not only at one with its surroundings, but every other soul around as well. There is no reason for the souls to feel what they did before.

Living is a great challenge.

And death?

Well, I shall leave that up to you.

Just remember… I am aware of when you are to go, I am aware of when you are to receive your second chance.

I know how everyone will die, I will be at everyone's death, have no fear human for I promise you that I will take you by the hand with no a care for what creed or colour or religion you are related to, just so long as you travel with me.

I shall wait…

I can wait.