My name is Patricia Williams and I am speaking on behalf of the hundreds of children forced into things nobody should have to experience. I am utterly devastated by how many children and babies in homes are dying and living in terrible conditions. Being abused, raped, neglected and starved by parents, foster parents, aunts, uncles, stalkers and many others. There are kids out there being targeted for their colour, their size, their disabilities, their age, vulnerability and even gender. These children are better off on the streets then being scared and hurt, living in fear of when they would be struck again. Don't you agree? They are not the ones who get to choose what background they come from or in what conditions they were born. So why do we judge them for that? Why do so many of us taking advantage of what others cannot help? Why do we deny them of the things they need most? Children so young shouldn't have to steal food to stay alive, or put up with all the horrible things people do to them or even those who take no interest in them and leave them for dead. It's not like a 6 year old is capable of getting a job or shelter or in fact food. There only choice is to put up with it, and doing so is to them is torture. But we can change all of that, so why don't we.