Shy girls became maids until 18, when they were bred. Until 45, they are mothers. Then they can retire and raise the human kids given birth to by other girls. The moms have no contacts with their own children.

Shy boys became servants for their whole life. There was no way out.

That was the first class. The second class was a different matter altogether.

Rebellious girls and boys were sent to the center at fourteen, to try to break them. If they were broken, then they joined the shy. If they weren't, the master vampires gained slaves and pets to use in any way they wished, usually boy toys and pleasure slaves. This usually resulted in the death of the individual.

If the slave/pet survived, most boys went into the game. The few not going into training were sold. The girls were all auctioned off as slaves, except for one time where a girl went into the game. She never stood a chance.

This is a story of how one girl manages to turn the tables, with disasterous consequences, and how much courage it takes to live through lies.

Chapter 1

Rheanne ran though the cobblestone streets, screaming for help. Those fucking vampires would pay. They slit her caretaker's throat open as he wouldn't give her over. They'll pay.

Windows opened then quickly shut as Rheanne raced past, black hair streaming behind her. She knew she was fast, but seriously? Versus the Vamp Dark Ops?

She wondered how they hadn't caught her yet. Her eyes shone out in the darkness, a dark blue glow in a world of grey. She was probably the only female in the world to have eyes flecked with silver, not to mention across her arms, like branches of a cherry blossom branch, spread pure black tattoos that contrasted starkly with the rest of her skin.

Her bare feet padded silently on the cobblestones as she slowed, wrapping her arms around her. Why didn't she have on something on other than a black tank top and black leggings? God, it was freezing.

She skidded to a stop, surrounded. Her eyes widened as she saw the force against her, then laughed as she realized that the whole dark ops was out to get her. There was a ZING and suddenly, everything went dark.

Rheanne woke naked. It took her three second to deduce where she was, given her appearance and her surroundings, plus the restraints. She was at an auction. And all off the important vampires had turned up to bid on an unbreakable girl.