Hello and welcome to Cat's-Eye Private Investigators: Adept (I feel like we just finished this), the sixth book in the Cat's-Eye Private Investigators series. As with the previous two books, I don't do much to summarize how we got to this point beyond the bare bones. So I highly recommend taking the time to read the previous five books before diving into this one. The order of the series is thus: Cat's-Eye Private Investigators, Cat's-Eye PI: Remnant, Cat's-Eye PI: European League of Heroes, Cat's-Eye PI: Beacon, and Cat's-Eye PI: Wraith, Bengal, Persian.

Also, quick thanks to Pterodactyl, Jerusalem2045, and JCHL for the reviews you gave on the last book after it was completed. I really appreciate your kind words.

Now, sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the ride. Because this is going to be a wild one :D

"January 7th, 2017. Final entry.

"Well, here we are, Margaret. I hope you have enjoyed this insight into the hell I'm about to put your through. Or have put you through, in your case. Since you won't be receiving this log until after we've had our confrontation. I do hope you've enjoyed it and that it's lived up to your greatest fears. I would so hate to disappoint you, Margaret. I don't know why, but this time has been so different. I always have fun on my vacations, don't doubt that. It is a vacation, after all, and the point is to take time and enjoy the things you love in order to refresh yourself before you return to work.

"But this time, oh Margaret, I wish I could explain to you what's happened but I find myself having difficulty putting it into words. I find myself a man obsessed. You're special, Margaret. I hope you know that. I hope you realize how special you are. Many... so many have come before you. And they all had their strengths. They were all brilliant, of course. Super geniuses, like me. And that, Margaret. That is why you're so special. Because you're not a super genius and yet you're so brilliant that I find myself drawn to you. Your research just... I can't explain what I feel when I read it.

"I've never... in my whole life, I've never felt like anyone understood me. Here I am, a super genius, and that puts me on a level all on my own. Everyone is just... a cockroach compared to me. They're not worth my time or my talent and yet I work and work and work to make them see. To make them understand my genius and the level of pure destruction I bring to this world. And yet they never understand. Not even the ones who are supposed to be on my level understand. Neo... he's supposed to be my rival. My greatest adversary. He's supposed to be on my level, Margaret, but he's not. That energy reading device proved it. He didn't understand it but you... you have turned it into one of your team's greatest weapons.

"And I... I shouldn't be surprised, of course. It was your research that gave me the beginnings of my hypothesis. And when I got stuck again, oh you were brilliant. You were so Brilliant, Margaret, in taking it to the next level. You don't have powers. You're not a super genius and yet you made it work when I never could. Even Neo was stuck in the same rut I was. But you saw my intention. You saw my vision and you built it.

"So you see, Margaret, why I've been so interested in challenging you. I need to know. Not if you're my equal because I know the answer to that question. It's yes. You are my equal, Margaret, which is why I've made these tapes for you. Why I'm giving you an unfiltered look into my plans. I want you to know my process so you can appreciate it. I know you'll survive this. I've run all the simulations and there's no way to kill you. You're simply too good for me. What I want to know, Margaret, is if you're my better. What I what to know is if you can save your teammates and your city along with yourself. Well, Margaret, did you? How do you feel, listening to this? Do you feel triumph in knowing that you are, in fact, better than I am? That you, the one without powers, the one who isn't a super genius... that you were the one to defeat me at my own game? Do you feel that pride, Margaret?

"Or do you feel sad, lonely and depressed. How many did you lose in my little game? How many died? How much of your city was destroyed? What was the cost in learning that you were nothing more than my equal?

"Tell me, Margaret. Tell me how you feel. Give me this one small concession. Let me know how you feel when I'm done with you. I so desperately want to know. I wish you'd reach a hand through time and bestow upon me this knowledge. I don't have the patience to wait a few days to learn your answer. I must know, do you think of me as I think of you? Or do you consider yourself above me?

"This is it, Margaret. I am about to finish this recording, save it to a flash drive and package it up for mailing. It will go out on the tenth- the day of your reckoning. You should have received it on the twelfth. As for me, I'm about to catch a plane.

"I'm coming for you, Margaret. I'm on my way to destroy your city and your team. It's up to you to stop me. Are you prepared? Or were you prepared? I don't know the answer to that question. Only you do. But I'm very excited to learn and live this experience with you, Margaret. I'm so very excited to meet you for the first time."