Within Tomorrow Lies Our Yesterdays

We spend our lives just searching
For constellations in the clouds,
For green leaves at the end of autumn
And for solitude in crowds.

We don't know what we want.

We think we want money,
A job, a car and a house;
We think we want to pursue our dreams
The way the cat pursues the mouse.

We don't know what our dreams are.

Our dreams are hazy notions,
Imagined up in our childhood days;
And for some reason we still dream them,
Stuck in a hazy, adolescent phase.

We don't know what we're doing.

We're stumbling down this conveyor belt,
Lovingly built for us by those who know best –
The government, our teachers, our parents,
Society and all the rest.

We don't know how to opt out.

The scenery it slides right past us
As in our hurry we run then sprint,
Straight past the things that matter,
All for a meaningless, adulthood stint.

We don't know what we're missing.

Our laughter is so short-lived
And our magnificent thoughts so very fleeting;
We are consumed by our worries for tomorrow –
And ignore every moment's greeting.

We don't know the value of what we have.

But we will know,
When the examiner offers us a price,
When the employer seals the deal,
When the taxman handles the money,
When life becomes too real.

We will miss what we have now.