Warm sun,

Soft sand,

Holding one,

Warm hand.

Gentle waves, on the beach,

I smile wider with each,

Step we make together,

I hope it lasts forever.

Summer days,

They never end,

My sky never grays,

Please never let it end.

Just one wish,

That's all I ask,

Just one kiss,

Don't let a moment pass.

Gentle breeze,

The smell of the sea,

The sway of tall palm trees.

Don't leave,

Oh, please,

Don't leave,

And stay with me.

Me and you will be able to do,

Anything we want to.

Setting sun,

Ribbon of pink,

And range, my favorite one.

We lay in the sand,

Hand in hand,

As day turns to night,

And I hope that I might,

Be with you together,

Now, tomorrow, and forever.