Chapter 1 :

A slight, winter breeze jerks me out of a rough night's rest. When I realize that I am no longer in my warm, comfortable bed, I am breathless-I'm in a cave! Where am I, and how in the world did I get here? The walls surrounding me are rough and clad in pointy ridges with a bit of smooth, frigid snow. The air is unwelcoming and bone-chilling which makes it hard for me to concentrate on a single thing at once.

A teenage boy with dark brown hair and royal blue eyes that mesmerize me sits right beside me with his hands in his jean pockets. He stares deeply into my eyes as if Megan Fox just came into the room. The boy wears an attractive, long-sleeved sweater and tight, light blue jeans. His body isn't muscled, yet he's not obese. Next to him there is a small, oil lamp which is the only light source lighting up the room. After an immeasurable silence, I ask him the simplest and most apparent question, "Where are we?"

"All I know is that we're in a cave," he replies, shaking his head. "Well...I'm Adrien. It's a pleasure to meet you." His voice is smooth and mixed with a French accent; it's gorgeous. He takes one of his hands out of his pockets and reaches out to shake mine. His cheeks are a light shade of red, not from blushing, but from the coarse wind, snow, and rain.

"I'm Rosalia," I say, nervously playing with the tips of my long, curly, red hair. My hands and my forehead sweat more than usual, and my heartbeat is a few beats too fast. Ever since I was a little girl I have always been a jittery wreck; it's embarrassing.

Meanwhile, Adrien is placid as he comments, "You have a lovely name. I've never heard anything like it before." A warm smile plays on his lips.

My eyes widen. "T-thank you," I mumble, delighted that he would say such a thing to me, but I do not make eye contact with him because of the gauche atmosphere. "How long have you been in this cave?"

"Four months," he says. "Living here is almost unbearable and quite lonely, but my friends and I have to deal with it...which we do. Even though they can get a bit annoying sometimes." He pokes my cheek, and I smile. Adrien adds, "There's that smile I have been waiting so long to see."

Suddenly I hear loud, pounding sounds, and two teenagers, a boy and a girl, trudge up to us. The girl grips the boy's hand tight, and they both have blissful smiles on their faces. "I'm Ellie, and this is my boyfriend, Max," she tells me, gesturing to the boy beside her. She then turns to Adrien and asks him, " this the newcomer?" Were they expecting me to come? I'll have to ask later.

"Yes, it is," he says to Ellie as he smirks at me. "Her name is Rosalia." For the first time I notice that there are dimples on Adrien's cheeks; the girls must go crazy-or as the cool kids say "cray cray"-for him.

"You can call me Rosie," I inform the three of them. "Rosie, Rose, anything except for Rosalia. I don't like that name."

Ellie gasps like a insane One Direction fangirl, "Oh my gosh! I wish I had a name like yours! Rosalia! Isn't it gorgeous, Max?" Her bright blue eyes sparkle with pure excitement and her white-blond hair bobs up and down as she jumps a foot in the air.

Being several inches taller than his girlfriend, Max kisses the top of her head. "Not as beautiful as your name." He wraps his muscled arms around Ellie, and she goes on her tip toes to peck his lips. For being in a cave that has a temperature of at least thirty degrees Farenheit, they sure are optimistic.

"You're so sweet!" she replies, taping his nose. "I don't think there's any person that is more romantic than you." Ellie closes her eyes and grins.

Adrien chuckles at my disgusted yet happy facial expression. "Alright, you two," he warns the delighted couple. "No more PDA, please. Rosie looks like she is about to throw up." He pats my back and whispers in my ear, "You better get used to it because Ellie and Max always show their love for each other."

"Let's just go back to the spot," Ellie snaps, glaring at Adrien. "It's getting late anyways." I guess she heard what he said about them. Oops. Max yawns, rubbing his silver-colored eyes.

My hands shiver, and I can barely feel my lips. I touch my arms and face like I'm giving myself an inspection, and I feel numbness. "Rosie, is something wrong?" Adrien asks. He frowns. I am thankful to have a friend that cares about me so much.

I let out a small screech as I realize something important. "Why is my skin purple?" I ask cautiously. Ellie, Adrien, and Max tense up.

"We have to get you to our spot," Adrien tells me, his voice abrupt. "Ellie, do you have your blanket?" She nods, and he adds, "Alright, then put it on Rose. Hurry. She is ill."

Ellie picks a baby blue blanket off the cold, damp ground and throws it around my shoulders; the warmth of the gentle fabric envelops me the moment it caresses my pale, bare skin. Adrien helps me onto my feet, wrapping one of his muscled arms around my waist. "What's wrong with me?" I ask him. "Don't sugarcoat it. I want to know what's really wrong with me." Please don't say-

"You could have hypothermia," he states.

And he says it...