Love/Hate Relationship

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(Everyday's a roller coaster I'm a bump you'll never get over)

Personally if Stevie could have it her way she could change how she met Blake. Or she would change the fact that she ever met him. If she never did she wouldn't be staring at her ceiling thinking of him.

Oh look a face...

It was two am and she had school later in the morning and she was wasting this time eating vanilla ice cream instead of sleeping.

How could she like him? She thinks back to earlier where he ruined her favourite leather jacket that she bought from the thrift store a year ago. Funny thinking back to that day he bought her a ring that was now a size way too small on her and had put it on her left ring finger...

Back to the subject, when he did that she couldnt help but want to kiss him and slap him and the same time. But of course she had picked the latter one.

She had scratched him and left him a nasty cut between his mouth and nose.

That was going scar on him forever.

He totally deserved it no matter how much her best friend, Tracey thinks he doesn't.

Its way too late for that.

Plus whenever she tries to close her eyes she sees him smiling with his crooked smile.

And how his silver eyes shine whenever he's thinking of something mischievous.

And how his stubborn hair always has that jet black bang always covering the left eye no matter what you do to it.

She slams her head into her softest pillow and screams hoping not to wake up her parents who are two doors down. She cant belive it that she Stephanie Parker has a small (huge) crush on her friend/enemy, Blake Moon who would reject her the moment she tells him that she has a crush one him. Why couldn't she just like Jake?

She stayed in that position thinking about him until her alarm for school went off.

Her mini skirt had matched his eyes that day.

(You're too loud, I'm so hyper On paper we're a disaster)

She thinks that the biggest matchmakers of her love life is her of her classes with him (four) she sits with him. They must see something he doesn't because he hasn't gotten a clue about her crush. Which in a way is good and bad.

The smirks of her English teacher doesn't help her idea especially when the teacher picks them for a debate.

She cant fully think straight for two reasons: one she only slept thirty minutes this past two days and that was because Blake allowed her to make him her personal pillow, and two is because she's standing right next to him and fighting how they usually would fight.

He smells like berries, laundry, and weirdly pickles.

Stevie stills prepares herself and smiles with the firm smile she has gotten used to over her life.

Her smile becomes real when she thinks of hot coco and bunnies.

Plus the idea of dating Blake whose tilting his head sideways at her.

He reminds her of his dog (actually his sister's) Tootles.

"You're topic is the death of Romeo and Juliet" the teacher announces.

Of course her biggest shipper would pick the idea of love.

She should ask to switch classes.

"I'll do that they're death was right and you do wrong" she tells him with a slight waver in her voice.

"Fine with me, Sweetheart" that certainly makes her English teacher's smile larger.

She takes the coffee in his hand and chugs it all. She'll be hyper during this and she knows it. He looks at with a glare that she matched.

"I believe that the death of Romeo and Juliet was the correct thing to do" this time her voice doesn't waver as much.

"I believe it want the right thing to do" he says with a smirk as if he thought he was going to win.

"They died so that their love can last an eternity" her voice goes a bit faster than normal. Caffeine always made her like this even if she drinks a little bit.

"They died because they didn't want to live the life they were living before the other one came and covered it with the idea of Love" how he says that pisses her off a lot.

"How can you say that? What if I or Malcolm died what would you do?" she says that out of pure anger towards him. The little things like this that he says annoys her so much.

"I would grieve over you guys but I won't kill myself for that" Now both their voices were getting louder but his is deeper and still whiles her is jumpy.

"So you wouldn't curse the world or do something stupid?" when is the teacher going to stop this. "You wouldn't scream the words you couldn't say to them in the end? All you'll do is shred a tear for you dignity and simply walk away without a care!"

"Of course I would care! Are you saying that I do not give a damn about you guys?" He comes close to her where all she wants to do is go onto her tip toes and kiss him than slap him. "Because if you died I'm pretty sure I couldn't live life like I used-"

"Ha!"She totally interrupted him without a care or asking about Malcolm "You just said you couldn't live life like you used to without us! How do you think Romeo felt about this when he saw Juliet dead? Would you feel the same way if I was in a coffin dead?"

When the English teacher finally interrupts them she could tell that she won from the look on his face.

It was a total bitter-sweet victory.

(I call you and you pick up I tell you how much I'm in love I'm laughing and you get mad It's my little game)

Turns out Jake had liked her after all and had asked her out the day before. Now she was taking off her plaid ruffle dress and converse for sweatpants and pink fluffy slippers with her cell in her hand with a number dialling.

"Why are you calling me at midnight Steph?" She could hear his sluggish voice over the phone and presses it closer to her face.

"Just got off my date and wanted to tell you I'm so in love with him!" she makes her voice higher so it seems more girly.

"And you're calling me and not Tracey why?" She could hear Blake move around in his bed probably to sit down.

"Because I thought you deserve to know since you're my best guy friend and you're still a person I should talk to" she laughs when he hears him groan."So get ready for a two hour talk" cue another groan.

She cant help herself but laugh when he disconnects their call.

Her mother yelled at her in the morning making her laugh even harder.

(You miss my lips, my kiss, my laugh The riffs on my guitar The way we fight, we make up fast)

Their fight was one of their worse ones today.

Another prank and another slap but this time he made fun of her directly.

About her attitude.

About her style.

About Jake.

About Her.

She's crying her eyes out right now while her mother and Tracey is banging on the door.

She ran out of school all the way to home with her neck bare because she thrown her friendship necklace at him.

She can't forget that look on his face when she did.

What is she really crying about?

About the fact how she acted?

Or the fact he made it seem like he could never date her?

Most likely the latter.

She doesnt forgive him the next day or the next week or even the next few months.

It's a new year and they haven't talk for almost a year.

They changed more than they hoped.

She now styled her straight brown hair instead of a beanie and a ponytail.

She had a boyfriend name Quinton after she broke up with Jake.

She was more girlier than before.

He grew out his hair which was more skater looking.

He never dated anyone.

He got in more trouble than before without her holding him down.

They havent talked until the day he appeared on her front porch after she broken up with her boyfriend on Valentines day.

He was beaten up and holding a jar of vanilla ice cream.

"What are you doing here?" If this was another annoying thing he was going to do she would-

He interrupted her thoughts with a kiss. She stared at him for the longest minute before kissing him.

She finally knew she had fallen for him.