Switch flipped
and the stage lights flare on
the roar of electrical current
flowing through unused wires
crawling up from the electrical box
two feet from my left
to the ceiling thirty feet above

After plugging in a cord into the outlet
I walk to the center of the auditorium
set the radio down
and press play

A small rumble resonates from the speakers
to which I am dissatisfied with
so with a quick scroll
the volume elevates
quickly converting the room
to a world tour rock band's
rehearsal room

I'll probably only have time
to listen to my playlist once
before the men in blue
notice the mess I made at the front doors
and come crashing my
party for one

I needed to get far away
far from my life
and forget the things in the past
the constant reminders
that linger and bleed through
my day to day strolls
down the hallways

I once use to participate in school talent shows
and in every single one
there has always been an error
made on my part
a screw up done because of the nervous feeling id get
with the burning gazes from the rows
and rows of retinas
eagerly waiting and listening
to pinpoint my struggles
and later tell me
how bad I did

So here I am
once again in an auditorium
standing on stage
music vibrating even the floorboards below my feet
and I staring out amongst the emptiness
the lack of people
but still able to see
the imaginary chairs
lined in perfect rows

The anger started to boil over
my frustration was intensifying
so much so that I couldn't help
but cry

Tears of hot discomfort
rapidly began to burn my cheeks
soon fated to fall five feet
and pronounced dead on the floor

My sobs turned to screams
as I collapsed on the ground
consumed with the dreaded images
of laughter
of looks
the expressions of others who saw me
and walked away

It was hurting all over again
and all I had was a white empty auditorium
and the music
to attempt to erase
my thoughts