-Skylar Kane Midnight-

My name is Skylar Kane Midnight, or sometimes just Midnight or Sky; maybe even Kane too, depending on if you're mad or not. I'm a seventeen year old boy with black hair and sky blue colored eyes. And, I live on a planet called Zeshi in the Neisa Galaxy.

Here's some simple info that you really might need to know or some things I want to mention.

I live with my mom, Jessica and my dad, Desmond. My birthday is on September 15th, and I'm a complete monster addict.

I know about and have complete information on every kind of scary or non-scary creature that was ever known to man on Zeshi, I don't know about the other planets though.

My favorite colors are black, sky blue, blood red and white; the colors of the two greatest legends in the entire galaxy. And my favorite animals are dogs, or wolves, really anything belonging to the canine family. But here's the info that really may get your interest: my favorite mythical creature, wait for it, is the dragon!

What with their unique colors, their different elemental abilities, the powerful strength in their wings that allow them to be in the air and their eyes too… just the way that they are is so alluring, so mysterious.

Well uh, I'm getting side tracked a bit. So let me start by saying this info first.

My uncle, Ryder Colin Midnight- the same person I was named after for my last name- is the greatest person anyone could ever imagine meeting. Every time he came around our place, which was every few months and sometimes longer, he would bring me a bunch of presents from places I never knew about.

But, he was also a man of great mystery. I knew almost next to nothing about him because neither mom nor dad would mention stuff about him and then when he was with us, I would never ask him anything other than about his travels and he'd tell me what I thought were tall tales and they would always send my mind in a whirl.

He'd tell stories of these 'magical' places that he visited- of course I would only think he was playing around, trying to tell something enjoyable- and he would say stuff about, well, all kinds of creatures that I never knew about, but there was always one creature that sparked my interest, one that I knew all too well: the dragon.

But off the track; as I said, he was a man of secrets and mystery. When he would leave, I would always be thinking non-stop about what he said in his stories and how they felt so real to me, but never mind that now.

This story starts on my seventeenth birthday, when Uncle Ryder comes to visit again for the first time in a total of two years, seven months, and fourteen days.