Silia looked and smirked to her self. Almost mockingly she recited the 'magic words' "mirror mirror, on the wall, show me the fairest of them all."

It had been something her dad came up with before he went to war. Silia had poor self confidence back then and was really shy. Every day he would tell her she was the fairest in the land. The way he said it, it wasn't just something he said. He said it like she genuinely was the most beautiful.

After he left for the war, she began to doubt her beauty. Her mother tried to be supportive and bought all kinds of self confidence books but none of them worked.

She took to wearing large baggy clothes and wearing little make up. She didn't want to look out standing, but she did try to improve her looks in subtle ways. Boys would never flirt with her unless they were teasing her.

After a while her mother realized Silia's low self confidence started shortly after her dad left to fight. She bought a large expensive mirror and painted, 'Mirror mirror on the wall, show me the fairest of them all' knowing very well the mirror could only show one reflection.

Silia pretended to be happy for her mother. After all, she went through all this trouble to make her feel beautiful.

Now every time Silia looked in the large mmirror, she saw a beautiful 15 year old girl. Thick blond locks that reached her shoulder. Brilliant green eyes, a soft smile that showed kindness, and talented hands. But that wasn't Silia.

Inside Silia had died. Just a year ago before her mother bought the mirror, she saw a letter in the ail box. It was informing her family that her father had passed on. She had never shown it to her mother. Instead she slept with it under her pillow.

Now no one would ever tell her she was the fairest, except the mirror. The mirror was just a joke, mocking her loss. Inside, silia had died along with her father. Her corpse lie on the ground, now ridden with maggots.

The corpse was that of a young plain girl who had dressed up to look the fairest. She wore a fancy dress and had her nails done. Her thick hair dine up in curls. This girl was waiting for her dad to come home after a long war. She was waiting for some one to comment on her beauty. But no one came, and she died waiting.