Chapter 5
Old Storm For New Lovers.
in my mind I had planned to leave italy quickly but its charms are amazing. I had a letter come to me while I wasnt home and it spent to say the least 5 days in the box until I came back from a investigative trip I made to north of italy where my mother used to reside and a beautiful place it was, Yet when I came home I saw this letter and felt chills just by looking at it. it was from Margaret and in her letter she said "Mon amour. I hope you are ok , and that your travels are bringing you closer to what you must find. The reason I write you this letter is cause I am ill and I am afraid of not lasting this winter season to see you once more... it was an amazing time we had together mon amour, but I feel as if the life in my is slowly fading away. Do not be alarmed for I still have and always will love you. And mon amour if I where to seize to exist , give yourself the chance of love again. in final I hope you are ok mon amour, find what you are looking for. Do not come back to Paris for ill propably not be alive. But as I said, Carry on my dear...
I was broken beyond repair, I was just a meer shadow of who I was. I never knew that losing Margaret would hurt as much. in few words all I could say was "its as if the light of my life... Left me..."
Although the death of Margaret was unsure I expected the worst, yet I followed her orders and did not return to Paris. I ended up at Le onde again where an old friend was there to meet me. "my boy Lucas!" it was John who stopped by here on his trip back from Russia. "Lucas I have something else for you my boy , its a small package. I had it delivered to your house. But before you leave a cup of coffee would be nice." I smiled and hugged him then said "Of course my friend , my treat!" After John left I rushed back to my house and there it was on the front door the package was a bit heavy. On the outside it had a note that read "To Lucas may this help you finish the search!"
"Finish the search? so this means I get to finally uncover what my mom wants me to know!" moving the package slowly to the table I had behind the window I opened the package and what was inside was a bit odd. An old map and a compass. The map dated 1879, curious as I was I opened the map and it had point marked all over.
it had 2 dots in Russia , 4 dots in Germany , 3 dots in Spain , 5 dots in the caribbean area , 2 dots in America and 1 dot in Japan, precisely where my old house is. I decided after that to erase all the dots I had been to already the 2 dots in Paris were done and the only 1 dot in italy had been taken care of.
I decided to take the dots in a closer to me order so I would not get lost on the way and set goals as to which I would have a set amount of days where I would have to find the things needed to be found within the dots. The faster I'd finish the faster I'll know! As I packed to leave to italy the letter from Margaret fell out of a pocket... I said to myself "When my way turns to America and the Caribbean I will find you before I leave."With that in mind I set off to Russia and hopefully a new set of a neverending adventure.