Several news crew have gathered around a pier where a massive aircraft had crashed into the water. The group to be interviewed were heavily bruised, medical attention attending them at the same moment the news crew had arrived. However, the true group responsible for stopping the aircraft had left. They knew better than to steal their thunder.

"This is Duanne Sewer, and I'm here with Buster and Babs Bunny. These two glorious Tiny Toon Stars, along with their friends, have stopped yet another attack on the city. Here they are right now with their courageous tale," The young female reporter stated, lowering her mic to the two rabbits.

"Well Duanne..." Buster went on and on about how he led his friends to villain and defeated him. Babs simply agreed with him, stating that she used her Super Babs persona to save a few of their friends. Then, the others would explain how they went off and help save the world.

Yet, none knew the truth. It was true that the main Tiny Toons characters had helped, however, the ones who did the most work went on home. They weren't canon characters so it didn't matter if they helped or not, so long as they don't upstage them. Rakita, a blue furred cat, was one of them.

The female in question was crying into her pillow, her bed a little soggy from the amount of crying she had done.

"You okay Rakita?" A derby voice asked, rubbing her back with his paw. The female glanced over her shoulder to Runt, her stepfather, giving her his usual loving smile. She sat up and rested her head on his chest, sobs soften.

"No, I'm not. Every time my real friends and I save the world Buster, Babs, and the rest their friends act like they do all the work! FUCK! Buster stayed hidden underneath a barrel and Babs was running all over the place. Max, James, Kite, and I stopped Red Baron. It's not fair." Rakita whined. Runt continued to rub her back, kissing the top of her head. He understood what it felt like to live in the shadow of someone else. Rakita's mother, Rita, always out staged him with her wonderful singing.

"Don't worry, you'll definitely get a chance to show be know. Yep, definitely you'll be a hero." Runt promised, kissing the feline's forehead a second time. As she opened her mouth to speak, a gray cat entered her room with an envelope.

"Mail." She tossed it to Rakita. The younger cat gasped. It was from her father, Charles Gato. Using one of her claws, she opened the envelope and read the letter within it.

Dear Rakita,

How have you been? For me, things have been going great in Bright Dawn City. Diana and Xavier were looking forward to meeting you this weekend, but somethings have come up and we won't make it this time. Maybe next time. Although, I'm welcoming you to come visit us. Here's some money for a train ride. Then again you'll probably just teleport yourself here. Either way is fine.

There are somethings I wanna discuss with you. My number is written at the bottom of the letter, I look forward to hearing from you.

Love, Daddy.

P.S. I wanna make up for lost time, so I would greatly be happy if you came to live with us.

"Bright Dawn City..." Rakita mumbled to herself. It was very far from her current home. Perhaps a seven hours train ride. Maybe a ten hours by bus ride. Her father had sent her letters, stating that there were some pretty nasty bad guys there. Bad guys who wouldn't expect a female feline superhero.

"Go ahead." Rita stated. Rakita looked up at her mother's face. The singer knew full well of her daughter's struggles to be recognized here. Yet, she had let go of her pride to allow others to keep their ego. Buster and Babs Bunny were at the top of list.

The rabbits called Rakita their friend, yet they only interacted with her if they needed her to help save the world. Which happened most of the time and it would end up with them taking all the credit. On few occasion, Rakita and her real friends would travel to other dimensions to stop dangerous villains. Although it was either went unknown or none simply cared.

Bright Dawn City was the perfect opportunity for her to reinvent herself and be appreciated for her services to the public.

"I-" Rakita was quickly interrupted as her phone began vibrating. The feline groaned, it was text from her boyfriend, Max, saying that some new villain had showed up and was becoming an issue.

"Go help your friends, we'll discuss it later." Rita sighed, her and Runt leaving the room. As Rakita prepared to do the same, she glanced at the letter. Maybe she did deserve a second chance.

Downtown Acme Acres

Once she arrived, she grinned. The Tiny Toons were already defeated in their respectively super hero persona Yet, her actual friends were fighting. Or at least they had, two of them getting quickly knocked out upon her arrival.

She ran to her friends, checking to see if they were alright.

"We're fine. But... this THING is so powerful. We've never faced such a being before."

The villain they were fighting grinned at her. Standing against her didn't look like an animal or human. It was more mechanical in design. The machine had a crest of horns along its head, two red metal wings with several holes in them, and a prehensile tail. There were two cannons under their wrist with chains, two more cannons designed as flamethrowers over his shoulder. His eyes lit a bright green upon her arrival.

"Scanning. Target: Rakita Gato. Target found. Primary Mission: Capture Target and analysis Target's abilities." It spoke, shooting several chains towards.


Appearing in front of her was a liger holding a pair of saber-tooth tiger teeth designed as swords. He had sliced the chains and turned back to her.

"Your a little late, Kitten." Her boyfriend spoke. He quickly twirled his blades to deflect the oncoming flames. The machine dug its tail into the group then reappearing to wrap itself around the liger.

"Shit." Was the last word he said before being slammed into a car, falling unconscious.

"LIGGY!" Rakita screamed, a dark glow appearing around her. She charged towards the machine, tail glowing. The tabby performed a few flips before slamming her tail into the enemy. She groaned as she saw a green force field appear around him.

Rakita jumped back towards to her previous spot, paws glowing bright with dark energy. She jabbed the air, shooting black energy balls towards the robotic villain. Just like before, his force field protected him from her assault.

The feline began to charge up aura, power crackling from her being. A small ball of energy began to form in each of her paws, growing as the harder she concentrated. Within a few minutes, the energy began to cover her paws. Rakita grinned as she pushed her paws behind her.

"Get ready to be scrap metal!" She thrust her paws forward, unleashing an unbelievable amount of energy towards her adversary.


Rakita fell to her hind paws, breathing heavily as she had summoned almost all of her energy to defeat her enemy. Looking at up ahead of her, she saw the robot's parts had scattered all over the area. The tabby smiled. She had defeated the enemy once more.

Or so she hoped...

"Target Attack Strategy," Rakita's eyes widen as she heard the mechanical voice. The robot debris began to regroup, bringing the machine back to life. "Perform several reckless attacks. Depending on powers if that should fail. Finally, she performs an attack using large portions of her strength. Analyzing... analyzing... analyzing. Analysis complete. Commencing counter-attack."

The creature jumped into the air, pointing his cannons at her. She raised her paws to form a barrier as the machine shot his chains at the her. They harmlessly bounced off her shield, her shield quickly disappearing. As she attempted to think of her next move, the robot had punched into the ground.

Not letting up on the feline, he activated his cannons, and used the flames to bury her further underground. After a few moments, he stood up and turned in the other direction. A small cable was shot from his back into the hole to retrieve the cat. She resurfaced with the cable holding her right paw.

Rakita groaned and moaned as she reached the surface once more. Her lovely fur burnt horribly. She didn't understand what this enemy wanted with her. Monitoring the tag placed conveniently on his back, she saw that the machine was made in Bright Dawn City. Funded by some Steel Corp.

"I don't know why you came here, but I'll make you scrap metal all the same." She moaned. Rakita began to focus her energy, unaware of the enemy draining her of her powers.

Her left paw began to glow, pointing at the mechanical menace's cable. She zapped it and she fell to ground. Rakita laugh softly at her enemy.

"Nice try Roboman; it didn't work." Rakita rose to her feet. It took a moment, but she recovered her paws in her black aura. She covered several cars in the same aura and launched them at the machine. The machine, however; wasn't fazed by this if possible.

"Yes, it did." its chest cavity opened up, revealing a machine gun. The machine's eyes flashed. A wave of red energy bullets was shot throughout the air, eliminating the cars before they made contact with him. He deactivated the machine, surging towards Rakita.

She slammed her paws into the ground, creating a massive shock wave that sent the machine flying. Before giving him a chance to counter-attack, Rakita opened her paw and sent out a large black whip. Once the machine was wrapped around her whip, she yanked down towards the hole he planned to trap her in. At that moment, another cable was shot and successfully wrapped itself around her.

"AAAARRRGGGHHH!" The tabby screamed as she felt millions of volts worth of electricity surging through her. Rakita concentrated all her strength into her tail. Glowing both silver and dark, she sliced the cable. Then she charged at the machine. She jumped into the air and after several flips, slammed her tail into the machine face. The strength of her tail had broken through the force field and broke off a few portions of the metal on his face.

She howled in pain as the machine sent her flying with a straight jab. Taking advantaged of the stunned cat, the machine opened his mouth to reveal another cannon.

"Shit." Rakita muttered, the cannon charging at a fast pace. All the poor girl could do was create a barrier to block out the attack.


Her barrier wasn't strong enough to withstand the attack. One last cable was wrapped around her, draining her of her powers. Then it gently placed down the defeated form of Rakita Gato. Corugon turned away from the defeated heroine.

"Primary Mission, achieved. Corugon returning to home base in Bright Dawn City." The machine, named Corugon, stated then flew into the sky. As he abandoned the scene, the police and News crew arrived to see the defeated heroes and heroines laid all the area.

A few weeks later...

"YOUR WHAT?!" Buster, Babs, Max, a black cat name James, a human male name Kite, and other Tiny Toons screamed. The group was watching as Rakita packed her suitcases, her room bare of all her personal items. Upon discovering that the machine had somehow robbed her of her powers and toon abilities, she knew what she had to do.

"I'm moving to Bright Dawn City. Bugs and my father have already set-up for me to transfer to Bright Dawn High." Rakita answered, grabbing her cell phone. As if on cue, Buster stepped up and placed a dawn on the tabby's shoulder. She mentally growled as she knew what he was about to do.

"Come on Rakita, just because that robot robbed you of your powers and toon tricks doesn't mean we can't help you. We'll get Calamity to-" Buster started before Rakita slapped his paw off her. He would've coward in fear, if she still had her powers.

Rakita grabbed his shirt, bringing him face-to-face with her.

"First of all, don't fucking touch me. Second, we aren't friends. You and your girlfriend are the worst characters on your own show! You pretend to treat me like a friend, but you constantly take credit for things you haven't done. Remember Demon Cat, my inner evil that took life? YOU fucking took credit for defeating her, when it was ME who almost died to stop her. You have no problem of taking glory you didn't deserve!" Rakita yelled. Buster was staggered for a brief moment, quickly regaining his composure and meeting the feline's glare with his own.

"So your mad cause I take credit for things you've done? Get over it! You're just an OC! I'm trying to protect you from others thinking of you as a Mary Sue!" Buster explained. The female stepped back, looking rather shock. Buster trying to keep others from viewing her as a Mary Sue, really? After admitting he took credit for her doings, how could she believe that?

No! She could easily see through his plan to keep her here.

"Protect me? Really? BULLSHIT! You don't care about any, but yourself! If you could had the choice of saving either Babs or yourself, you'd save yourself! By the way, how are those siblings you never seem to talk about?! Also, don't rabbits fuck like crazy? How do know that you aren't dating a cousin or long lost siblings? Yeah, fucking your sister and giving birth to retarded rabbit kids that will soon be fucking each other!" Rakita shouted. At the last statement, Buster looked over to Babs. The feline was completely right. Maybe not about him caring about only himself, but the chance of Babs being related to him. Of course they always said 'no relation' every time they introduced themselves, but there was no telling if that true.

"What no comeback? No snappy comment on how I'm wrong or how you've never thought less of your friends, STOP FUCKING LYING TO YOURSELF! If you cared about your friends, then why is Mary only having minor roles or cameos? How come when Hampton had an episode about him, you and Babs bitched about not being having a role? Why was it that when Sweetie complained about having an episode to yourself, you and Babs were trying to keep her in from doing her thing? In that situation, I would've let Sweetie have SEVERAL episodes for herself, not some stupid six-seven minute cartoon. Hampton would've have an entire twenty-two minute cartoon for himself." Rakita shouted. During her rant she unsheathed her claws, planning slicing Buster's eyes out if Max and Runt hadn't held her in place.

"Even without her powers, she's really strong when's angry." Max and Runt thought, finding it to harder and harder to hold her at bay. Eventually she calmed down, grabbing her suitcase and walking out her old room.

"If you have even a SHRED of concern about me, you'll just let me go. Perhaps in my absence you'll learn what being a real leader is about." Rakita stated, gesturing for Max to come with her. The liger flatten his ears, completely sadden by her decision.

Acme Train Station

Rita, Runt, Max, Kite, and James stood with Rakita as her train was going to arrive any minute. Rita and Runt understood why she was preparing to leave. Staying here in Acme Acres won't bring Rakita to stardom. This was a path she had to follow by herself. Hopefully at the end, she'd reached her goal. All they could do was hope.

Kite and James had already said there goodbyes, Kite's being a bit more tearful than James. Mainly because Rakita was the first to actually show him compassion, love, and affection. She had brought him out of the darkness and into the light. She was in a way, his first love.

Max and Rakita padded closer to each other, rubbing the back of their heads. Neither found it easy to pursue a long distance relationship. Yet, they couldn't end it here. The two were engaged in a mutual silence, Max ending it by reaching behind his back.

"Here's something I brought for you." Max pulled a dark-blue laptop case from his body, "I've already set up a Skype account so we cam stay in contact. Whenever you wanna talk, just send me a call and we can speak face-to-face."

Rakita took the laptop case, tightly hugging Max. This was exactly what wanted. Although, he'll be shocked by her appearance the next time he sees her in person. She noticed that he seemed a bit reluctant to let her go. Not only was she his girlfriend, she was their leader. The leader of the team she created to stop villains, not the glory hogging team that Buster created. Her motives her completely clear as why she was leaving. However, she felt that had to say to him once more. So he'll understand it. He'd actually listen to her, not just pretend to humor her like many others have.

"Staying here in Acme Acres is holding me back. I can never reach my full potential if I have to stay of the shadows of Canon characters." Rakita stated then pointed at Rita and Runt, "Just them being present is enough for others to view this as fanfiction and hit the back button. I want people to love me as much as they love them. To bring joy and happiness to others. Acme Looniversity can't help me, they only show support to canon characters. True development of my character will start in Bright Dawn City. I'm not leaving because I feel unwelcome here, but because fanfiction favors poorly written canon characters over potentially well-written OCs."

Upon hearing her explanation, he nodded. As much as he wanted her to stay here with him, she had made up her mind. No amount of begging was gonna change that.

For what may have been for a last time for awhile, Max and Rakita embraced each other tightly, "Kitten, we're gonna miss you."

The two kissed each other passionately, "This isn't the end Liggy. I'll come back."

At that moment, Rakita's train had arrived. As she boarded the train, she looked back to those who had come to see her off.

"Until my return, Max will be in charge. Command them well Liggy." With that as her last words, she boarded the train and took a seat in a booth. As the train took off, Max, James, and Kite ran with the train.

"We'll be here for you, ready to catch up!" James yelled.

"If anyone gives you trouble, we'll take'em down Miss Kitty!" Kite screamed.

"Rakita, I'll be waiting here to feel you in paws again! Stay away from any boy!" Max yelled. The female in question's eyes became teary as her some of her closest friends said farewell to their leader. But, more importantly, the very toon that brought them all together as a team.

"I was brought here for a reason." Rakita thought, placing her suitcase on the chair next to her, "Next time they see me, they'll be surprised and will my dad when he sees me."

She giggled as she removed a make-up kit from her bag. Acme Loo had provided to all the female students complete with standard make-up (lipstick, eye shadow, etc), a wig with varies hair-dyes, many different bows, and a large variety of outfits to choose from. Rakita sometimes wondered how they managed to fit in, pretty much, a closet into a small container, but chose not to question it.

She focused her attention of the variety of ways to restyle herself. Despite having this since entering the Loo, Rakita hadn't ever used a make-up kit prior to this moment. An idea popped into her mind, she began to go to work.

Bright Dawn City Train Station

A dark blue cat stood at the entrance of the station, awaiting his daughter's arrival. He continuously tapped his paw against the ground. Her train had arrived ten minutes ago! What was that girl doing?

"Daddy?" She asked. The feline turned and looked shocked to see how his daughter was dressed.

Rakita, once a blue-furred tabby with an orange tip on her tail had become anew. She dyed her fur a deep sapphire. Covering her fur was a silver blouse. Despite her own personal feelings towards it, the feline's tail became fluffy. Form fitting jeans covered her hind legs. Her feet were protected in silver heels, although she knew once she had the chance she'd wear only regular shoes. As oppose to being bald, she wore a wig that perhaps a few inches shorter than Minerva Mink's hair length. Overall, she looked beautiful and now she could finally feel beauty without being named a Mary Sue.

"Lose that wig and you'll look decent." Her father demanded. Rakita shrugged and placed the wig back into her bag. The tabby had a feeling it would in handy later in the future. The two got into a gray mini-van, driving towards Bright Dawn City. Rakita looked in amazement as they drove into an almost New York-style city, skyscrapers, bad traffic, etc.

Undisclosed Location

Corugon had returned to his master's base, placing the information he received into a computer's database. Once he finished, he was deactivated until he needed at a later point.

Upstairs, a man viewed the data Corugon took from Rakita. He was both impressed and worried. If someone like her received any serious attention and she discovered the truth, his company would fall under the wake of a revolution from the citizens.

The mysterious man tossed Rakita's file onto a table, "This one could be a problem."