So, I went to Cracker Barrel, and my brother had the kids' menu. He wasn't drawing on it, so I picked it up and it had an ad-lib. This is what I wrote... In a restraunt... On a kids' menu... 'Kay then! The underlined letters are the things I wrote.

It was dark and stormy night and the family pet had gone missing, so the family went off to search. Fluffy the pirannah loved to poop in the neighbour's house, so the family went to check there. Coral Rally pushed open the ugly creaky door when suddeny they heard a loud thump that made them pee. Was that a smelly, ugly dog peeing in the darkness? Slowly, brave Edna entered inside. Had they thought they saw a dog? How silly! There was Fluffy in a toilet looking as mad as can be.

Yeah... I wonder what would've happened if it was just laying there and someone read it? *Silence*... *Burst of laughter* Oooo! That would be hilarious! And I'm sorry if anyone reading this is disgusted XD