Young and beautiful was the world's motto. And by far, everyone knew it. Yet as every passing school day went ahead, there was danger lurking for every independent spirit. Things were slowly compounding, rather than the opposite, making it rather strange and smothering, if nothing for every waking moment, a passion of peace breaking apart.

It was almost as if there was a condescending deference, an uncanny hate.

Sonnter was mobbed as usual, but this time with an incredible intensity, almost as if to manifest his cousin's compounding dislike for all of them. He was still the star striking demi-god to rescue every girl from their unending fantasies of love. It was bad enough when he got there, but it got all the way to a new high sooner or later.

His locker, one of the school's more international implements, was daily mobbed with lipstick smears and suggestive photographs and letters of practically every girl in the whole school. All the other males were burning with jealous and others were getting furious that he was actually quite disgusted by everything, at times just slamming the door in disgust bringing matches along to burn everything. One day, though; it did get rather intense. It was just yet another normal day. Sonnter was actually quivering going towards his locker while collecting something for his art class- he was almost drowned in that sea of women last and he could not help but wonder- were women really attracted to him or was it some sort of derision towards him for being a foreigner? This made him drown in thought for days.

It still seemed unfair though that he had to pay for his anti social sister's sins.

It was too much for him either way. He was losing it and getting out of control. Even attempting to flirt with Tsumugi, his closest female friend would fall flat as the girls still swooned over him, in spite of being 'taboo' material. His hands were cold and sweaty, bearing an earthquake's power while struggling to open his locker. All that while he was praying fervently "Bitte, bitte, bitte rette mich! Ich bin zu jung um zu sterben!" Then again, he was an unusual optimist. Always seeing the sunny side of life, he enjoyed the idea of hope for a brighter and newer day. Of course, he was far too wrong in this case. All species were always keen on hooking their mate. That by far was always the poor lad's mistake.

For when he opened that locker of his, he was in an incredible shock. His mouth was gaping open for an hour or so, he could not move. Stiffened and paralysed by the monstrosity of his locker's violation, eyes twitching, he had no idea whether to laugh, scream or cry. "Whatever the hell was in there?!" he managed to yell in fluent Japanese. If it wasn't that tidal wave of love mementos, it was definitely the incredible monstrosity of perfume smells that tortured his nose. He was almost swimming in those letters while the other guys were snarling in envy, hate and jealousy. The charm of that boy was definitely getting on their nerves and it was a miracle that no one ever acted against it yet.

By now, Sonnter lost it. He was neck deep in letters and would have to spend more time in secret arson- again! Furious, he just slammed his locker, almost jamming it in the process as he shook in pure rage. These women were overdoing his timing and tolerance, and it was about time they paid.

"What's wrong with him?" A boy asked Haruka who was watching the whole thing contritely. "Lover boy suffers depression of surfeit." He said sadly, shaking his head. He could not help but feel sorry for Sonnter, he was the first westerner in the school and after all, he still was his best friend.

Sonnter paid no heed to everyone else and calmly walked up to the large bag of his. Shovelling the letters inside, he stormed off to the boys' toilet, while all the hopeful girls watched.

"Ich endlich wissen, wie es seine Frau zu sein ist."

"Seriously, man- what is he doing?" The boy voiced, but Haruka was paying no attention to him, for his eyes were on someone he always felt he could have deserved them- Shizuko. The fleeting thought of Sonnter being her affections itself made his skin crawl. Yet when he saw her beautiful brown eyes, he felt like the only person she ever loved could just be him, nobody else deserved that honour.

He was her one, her only- nobody else. And that he wanted to prove.

"Hey, babe." He mumbled while walking to her. "Talk to me." The boy shook his head. "Love makes everyone stupid idiots." He sighed.

Sonnter was already straight inside. Slamming the door with an unknown ferocity, he stormed straight to the royalty of relief. It was a guaranteed pass.

"It is time to say goodbye to this madness." He muttered. Then, emptying all his contents to the end, he unzipped the contents of that bag straight inside the toilet, dropping a match and then flushed it. Good riddance it was indeed. An excited feeling filled his heart. He was finally freed from the girls' tyranny in so many ways. Now he really was a free individual, like every other citizen on this earth who deserved their privacy. He calmly walked outside, only to see all the girls stare at him in hopeful love. He looked mildly unnerved as he spoke to them.

"What do you want?" she sputtered.

"Our letters..." one girl innocently proclaimed.

"Let's say that you will have the relief of not considering it anymore..." Sonnter replied suavely and walked away with a jauntily arrogant look on his face, head held high. They felt strange- this was not how he would usually act in his life! He just whistled his way towards the art class; feeling like no care in the world ever bothered him. It was just a manifestation of freedom, and he was to live it to its very fullest.

"Sis will be damn proud of what I have done." He said with a satisfied smile.

While walking, leaving all those girls in confused limbo, he could hear a couple of mumbles between the men folk around.

"Was it that necessary to do that?" One asked.

"I dunno Tadashi. Either way, he is really ungrateful this guy." The other replied in hushed tones; though some had the audacity to say it louder. "I mean seriously, is this the guy they call Haruka's best friend? I really doubt he would ever have such stupidity, that I assure!" another boy proclaimed. Sonnter gulped. He was caught in the act by the ones he thought would care the least. After all, weren't girls' feelings incredibly trivial mountains of molehills? Or were they?

"Hey, cut the boy some slack!" one supposedly stood up. "We are talking about a stupid dumb blonde who can't say a word in Japanese to save his life!" this was followed by sporadic, yet loud moments of laughter from the others around. Sonnter was rather broken to hear these snarky comments, but what did they know? He had no initial intention to hurt them, but he was tired of being treated like an attractive freakshow element. What would they know? At least they were normal people who could just be living peacefully with their friends and family, all because they were the same.

Nobody would ever understand, never at all.

"What are the guys saying?"
a girl asked rather concerned. The guys were pretty unnerved. How on earth were they going to tell them that their labours of love or lust were flushed down the drain, literally? It would take a real talented orator for this one- and none of them felt capable.

From afar, Sayuri watched this all. "This is ridiculous... just this is plain ridiculous!" she murmured gnashing her teeth and clenching her fists. Why was she feeling like this? She always heated those sick popular snobs who knew nothing of life, not like she was one to judge, but plastic women deserved no love, her opinion stated. They all drooled over Sonnter like a dog at mealtime and were over doing their deference. She hated them all, Sayuri; they were only torturing Sonnter and it was stupid how they never got it. Yet she felt so strange when he disposed all their contents out so coldly, rather so furiously. It broke her heart to think of them time and energies spent in writing him a decent and heartfelt letter about their feelings. Being female helped her understand, but she felt something even stranger. It was almost as if she felt he never deserved such women who gave him their undying love and attention.

He was still a heartless soul for breaking so many women's hearts in a snap. "How could he ever even dream of abandoning such beautiful, hot women?" This thought made her stop dead in her tracks. Was this how she truly felt for nearly every woman she met? Could this be?

Salvation was really close; for now Sayuri felt the truth of herself was slowly dawning behold her eyes. She was one;in a rare million...