The Begging King

On the day after the end

The wall of humanity crumbled brick by brick.

The seeds of sorrow and the dust of disaster

Were sown across a barren landscape.

The last man stood, the king

In a race of one.

Looking over the bodies of the wasted. Laying like children's toys,

Innocent now, but useless.

That lonely king wandered

To find solace and companionship

In one who shared his grief.

But the world was deaf

To the pleas of a beggar.

Like the others, that man was wasted,

Useless without someone to listen.

Just an echo without a voice, a body without a soul.

As the bones of the last man crumbled

Dust became dust, and at last,

A price was paid back to the dead earth.

The debt was settled, like ashes after the wind has calmed.

Given to Death in exchange for a world

With an eternity to rebuild,

And an eternity more to forget

The cries of the race of man.