-Burning Memories-

Chaos is rising with the sun.

I stand on dewy morning grass,

In front of a childhood home.

In front of my childhood home.

In front of the memories that have


Fists clenched, body tense,

A small box finds its way

Into my sweaty palm.

As it opens,

Hate and anger seem to flow out.

A flood of red


Just one strike.

No more nightmares, no more daydreams.

They will blow away with the ashes.

They will blow away.

And I will be free,

To build a new


Glass shatters.

My mind shatters.

I looked out that window

When Mommy got shot.

I throw the bottle.

Baseball and beer and beatings.

Daddy's favorite


The smell of smoke.

Nights around the campfire,

Nights in friends basements.

Secret nights,

Secret deeds,

Illegal deeds.

Money made, money lost.

Green plants support green cash.

The green grass beneath my feet.

That glorious wondrous sight.

Flickering, shimmering.

The dance of a phoenix

Rises me from my past

And flies me to a new future.

I will be reborn from the


A shrill scream.

I laugh.

A fitting, unexpected sacrifice.

A witch is on trial.

No, a witch is burning.

Shouts, panicked and worried.

(And they should be) I think,

The grand finale is next.

And my childhood home