-A Recipe for the End of the World-

Take one blue and green planet, rich with life

Pour a few billion tons of carbon dioxide into the sky

Hack a hole in the ozone layer

Marinate at a rate of .2 degrees a year

*Note* as you add more ingredients, the rate will increase

Then, roast some polar ice and melt it in the ocean

Pass the time for a couple years while the ocean rises

Blend up some tornados (Hurricanes may be used if preferred)

Freeze in a blizzard for a year

Then, shake it all up with a few earthquakes and volcanoes

Stir in a few prophecies and predictions

Toss in a few government conspiracies and evil dictators

Wait for a few months until the mixture starts to bubble and boil

Dice up some nuclear bombs (blowing up major cities in the process)

For a little more flair, sprinkle with zombies, aliens, and/or monsters of your choosing

Bake for a several years

If the planet is not thoroughly blackened after 10 years, blow up the sun.