The ideas, ideologies and views in this story do not relfect my own. THis was an exercise in my mythology class where we had to create a creation myth. This is what I came up with.

-The Great Creator-

In the beginning, all that existed was a large flat desert. The guardian of this desert was the Great Creator, and he was all powerful. He floated high above the desert, and spent an eternity watching over the dark desolate land. There was no water, light, or life anywhere. Nevertheless, the Great Creator felt that he had some higher purpose, like he was supposed to do something to make the world more interesting, but nothing ever happened.

The Great Creator began to grow bored of watching the desert, as sand offered no excitement. There was nothing to see anyway, as there was no source of light. The Great Creator grew so frustrated that he started pulling at his hair. Surprisingly, it came out of his head with ease. Disgusted by this, the Great Creator scattered the hairs over the desert, so as not to see them any more. Where each hair landed, a plant grew. Long ones became trees, and short ones became grass. But because the Great Creator was old and balding, his hairs did not cover the entire desert. To this day, no tree will ever grow in these places.

The Great Creator was pleased with his work, but because of the lack of light, he could not see his creations. To remedy this, he plucked out his right eye and stuck it to the sky. Suddenly, everything was illuminated. The Great Creator could finally see! Excited by this newfound ability, the Great Creator cut of his legs. The right became the Great Eastern Mountain Chains, today known as the Himalayas and the Alps. The left became the Great Western Mountain Chains; today know as the Andes and the Rockies. Each knee became the highest peak. To add a little color to his new world, the Great Creator cut off each of his ten painted toes. These became precious gems. Rubies, Diamonds, Emeralds and Sapphires.

The Great Creator was pleased with his work, but the world was still, and lacked movement. He gave a few sighs of exasperation, and the wind was created. Those first sighs became the Great Winds, which appear out of the North, South, East or West. These winds were very strong. Each subsequent breath became a breeze, which blew wherever it felt like blowing. The breeze blew the leaves on the trees and the sand in the desert, creating great big sand dunes. But trees and sand could not communicate with the Great Creator, and though they had movement, they did not have life.

The Great Creator cried and cried, because he was very lonely. His salty tears became the oceans. If not for his mountains, the whole desert would have flooded, but the stony barriers stop the tears in their tracks. His left eye cried the Atlantic Ocean, and his right cried the Pacific Ocean.

The Great Creator was pleased with his work, but felt that the world could still be improved, if he could just find the secret of life, he would no longer be alone. He peeled off his skin, and draped it over the desert. Now, parts of his skin had hair and parts did not. Those parts with hair became seals and otters when landed in the ocean, monkeys and sloths when in the trees and other mammals anywhere the skin touched the ground. Of course, the Great Creator had some skin that did not fit neatly onto the flat desert. Those bits that dangled off became bats. But some of his skin did not have hair at all, and these parts became fish and whales in the ocean, lizards and snakes when on land and birds wherever the skin did not quite fit.

The Great Creator was pleased with his work. The animals moved around on their own free will, and they were certainly loud, but they were not intelligent, and therefore could not communicate with the Great Creator. Nevertheless, the Great Creator was pleased with his creatures, and delighted in watching them interact. That is, until they started eating each other. Those that were bigger or had sharper teeth preyed on those who were neither big nor had pointy teeth. The great creator tried to find some way to appease them, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, he became so frustrated by the noise and the blood and the pointy teeth that he plucked out his other eye and stuck it in the sky underneath the desert. This became the moon. Then, he folded the desert into a sphere and spun it hard. It spun round and round, and when half of the world spun to the dark side, all of the animals fell asleep. This cut the amount of noise produced by the animals in half. Some of his creatures, like the bats, and the rats took advantage of the new darkness, and hunted at night, so as to have more options to eat, and an advantage over the larger animals that formerly preyed on them.

The Great Creator was pleased with his work, but still needed to find a way to stop the animals from eating each other. He cut off his tongue, and each taste bud became a different fruit or vegetable. But it was too late. Many of the animals had acquired a taste for living flesh. The Great Creator was now very upset. He still longed for someone to talk to, and his creations were eating each other. In desperation, he stabbed his arm with his knife. Blood splashed over the sphere shaped world, and each drop became an image of him in miniature. But these imitations were weak and stupid. If he didn't find a way to help them, he would have to watch large numbers of Miniature Creators get eaten. He cut open his skull and pulled out the left half of his brain. Then he put a small piece into half of the Miniature Creator's heads. This gave them language and logic, and they became men. Then he pulled out the other half of his brain and put a small piece into the other half of the Miniature Creators. This gave them creativity and emotion, and they became women.

The Great Creator was pleased with his work. The men didn't even need his help to learn how fire and weapons could protect them, and the women learned to make cloths to cover their hairless bodies. The Great Creator was finally satisfied.

The great Creator was satisfied, but his Miniature Creators were not. The men asked him where to find food. He pointed them to the fruits and vegetables, and told them that they could eat them, as well as any animals they could kill. The women asked him how baby animals were made, and when they could make their own. He explained the spinning of the desert and the timing of seasons. The men and women asked him countless questions, and he gave them countless answers, until one day he shouted,

"I am tired of your countless questions, and I am tired of giving countless answers!"

Then, he cut off his ears, so that he could no longer hear their complaints. But the people kept asking for help. Eventually, even though they asked for help, the Miniature Creators learned to answer questions for themselves. They learned to farm and make homes. They forgot about the Great Creator, and named themselves Humans, and the planet that they lived on became Earth.