-Ode to a Platypus-

Platypus, oh platypus,

Half beaver and half duck.

And when they first discovered you,

The explorers said, "Oh, fuck"

They thought you were a hoax at first,

Stitched together piece by piece,

But when they found some more of you,

Their foreheads surely creased.

Found only in Australia,

And in a couple zoos,

The platypus is second best,

Only to kangaroos.

Platypus oh platypus,

You growl like a dog,

But that may help distinguish you,

From others in a fog.

If I found you, I would hug you,

Too bad your claws are poisonous.

Your real name is hard to say,

Ornithorhynchus anatinus.

Platypuses, platypi, platypodes or platypoda,

When there is more than one.

Some call you the duckbilled platypus,

But how is that more fun?

Platypus, oh platypus,

Are you a mammal or a bird?

The way you have both milk and eggs,

It's really quite absurd.

You have a duck bill, and duck feet,

Brown fur and a floppy tail,

And with such an adorable face,

How could you be a fail?

You swim in water, walk on land,

But like Batman cannot fly,

If you became extinct today,

We all would start to cry.