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Sammy opened her eyes, everything was white, too white. She was lying on a bed. Naked. She moved her body to sit up but could only lift her head. Looking down her body she saw that she was tied to the bed. Sammy frowned, what the fuck was going on? Glancing at her hands she noticed her fingernails were from free nail polish and cut short.

The door opened and a graying man in a white lab coat walked in, Sammy turned her head to him and glared;

"What the fuck is going on?"

she questioned viciously. The man was called Stan, Stan Walker, he glanced at her, his grey eyes cold. he walked over to her head and roughly parted her hair so that he could see her ear, he took a tagging device out of the front lapel in his lab coat and attached it to her ear. It cracked the bone and Sammy squealed in shock. Stan didn't even flinch.

Stan then proceeded to insert a micro tracking device into Sammy's neck, whilst doing this he took the opportunity to take a good look at her naked body. Stan liked young girls, he liked the feel of their skin under his own, he liked their soft hair, smooth skin. but most of all Stan liked the way they would scream, beg him to stop, he craved the look of pain in their eyes. He hadn't raped someone for 12 hours, it was getting to him, he loved forcing people into sex. he liked to tell people it was his hobby. Stan was a scientist, and a pedophile.

Sammy was breathing too fast, she tried to calm herself but the questions kept whizzing around her head; Who is this man? Where am I? What the fuck is going on? Still, she remained silent, too scared and too shocked to speak. She hated the way this graying man stared openly at her chest, her naked body. Taking much longer than necessary to check the tracking device, Stan stared at Sammy's chest, he liked the way it rise and fell in uneven panicky breaths, how her stomach was tight and tensed, her bust fully developed. He wanted this girl, he wanted her so badly. Stan had been told under no circumstances could he rape her, this upset him, it wasn't often he would be in close proximity of a woman without raping her. Finally he moved to remove the shackles around Sammy's feet; this was his favorite part; he had a clear view of her pubic area. He studied it and liked what he saw, he watched the way the muscles contracted in panicky spasms like her chest. He felt himself harden but wasn't embarrassed; it was normal. He slowly unlocked the shackles and removed them, his hands moving over the soft skin of her ankles.

Finally he no longer had an excuse to stare at Sammy's pubic area, so he walked over to her waist to remove the shackles around her wrists from the bed. He leaned over her stomach to undo her left wrist and reattached it to the device on his lapel. Moving back to the right wrist Stan brushed his hand against the bottom of Sammy's stomach. He licked his lips as he felt her body shudder under his hand. Finally Stan was finished and he pulled Sammy off the bed and forced her towards the door.

Tears rolling down her cheeks Sammy stumbled down the corridor, San maneuvered her to the left into Lab 2, psychology. A man was was walking down the the clean white corridor, a man well knew by every British citizen. The Prime Minister. Sammy gasped as she saw him, he was part of this sick place! She let out a small whimper as she realized she had no hope if the Prime Minister was part of this scheme.

Stan pushed her into a room labelled 'Dr. Oscar Watts'. She sobbed uncontrollably as a cute young man with blue eyes and shaggy, black hair in a white lab coat looked over from the cabinet he was at

"Bloody hell Stan!"

he laughed

"What've you done to her? You didn't did you? I told you not to!"

he finished the sentence with his eyes narrowed in suspicion,

"No Oscar I did not"

Stan snapped angrily walking out of the room.

"Take a seat Samantha"

Watts said gesturing to a chair in front of a desk, she looked at him blankly and tried to cover herself up with her arms, Dr. Watts rolled his eyes

"I wouldn't worry about that Samantha, to be quite frank your not the first person to be in here, in exactly the same position, so just sit down."

His voice was gentle and kind but there was a hard edge to it. Sammy stumbled over to the chair and sat in it, the tears had finally stopped and she felt angry, confused and upset. She just wanted to go home. Dr. Watts sat on the chair on the other side of the desk and lent his elbowed on the wooden top.

"Now Samantha, would you like me to explain what's going on?"

he quizzed softly. Sammy nodded, too speechless to talk.

"We are an organisation, ran by the government, we assess humans and run tests on them, its exactly the same as animal testing- just with humans. Up until now we have bred people from babies to be involved in this organisation, but we needed more, we needed people who had lived and experienced normal lives. So people from all over the UK have being taken out of their lives and placed with us to help government research. You just happen to be one of those people Samantha, and I can't say that's a good thing I'm afraid."

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