When I write or sketch or text or whatever. When I do what I'm good at, it makes me feel good. Invisible. And kinda invincible. In the sense that just because I'm fat doesn't mean I can't do anything.

When I'm laughing, or writing, I just feel thinner. I think. Maybe. Or maybe it's just the feeling of being lost in your own world. Makes you feel weightless. Or non-existent. Or invisible. Or untouchable. Less real and somewhat more alive. In a less painful way.

Note: We're all confused. And can't put words to our feelings. I like the rawness of those type of feelings, somehow, more than the poems that I type down that are calculated and contained. So...

These are extracts from texts that I sent anyone, or emails that I type down. They're no less than my genuine feelings that I thought deserved to be jotted down somewhere safer than my cell phones, that constantly need changing due to one reason or another.