A Grand Food Fight: A New Era-Land of the Sporks

Once upon a time there was a vast land split between two Kingdoms, the Land of the Forks and the Land of the Spoons. These two different Kingdoms did not get along. To the right of the valley, the Kingdom of Forks always celebrated food that they could lift on top of their heads; thus, their Royal Meals were always vegetables. They had vegetables for lunch for dinner, for breakfast, and even as a snack. They were the Kingdom of Forks and vegetables.

However, to the left of the valley, lived the Kingdom of Spoons. The Spoons were proud of their rounded heads, so they celebrated the Royal Meals with fruits. This did not appeal to the forks nor did vegetables to the spoons. One day, the Leaders of the Spoons and Forks called for a Council of the Silverware's; it was a big deal. The two Leaders came together.

The two Leaders met half way in the valley. They wanted to end the feud between them once and for all. The Forks wanted the Spoons to quite serving fruit and serve vegetables. The Spoon Leader was outraged by this. How dare the Fork Leader ask something so preposterous.

The Leader of the Spoons then told the Forks to drop vegetables off the Royal Meals.

The Forks were in an up roar. Those Spoons were unbelievable. Did they really believe they would just do what they say?! 'Never!' The Fork Kingdom shouted.

'To war!' The Spoon Kingdom shouted.

The Council ended and the Kingdoms prepared for war.

The battlefronts met at the valley. The others enemies in sight. Once each others targets were in range the battle started.

Fruit rained down on top of the Forks, crushing their pointed heads. The Forks flung boiled vegetables. Spoons that were hit, instantly began to melt, a pile of goop on the battlefield.

The Spoons were losing badly. The Leader called for them to fall back. The Forks took this as the Spoons surrender, they were wrong. The front line Spoon warriors that weren't fighting moved to the edges of the valley; something was moving toward the front line.

The Spoons carried out their secret weapon. A Spoon made catapult. The Forks stopped their advances. They loaded the basket with fruit until it was full. 'Fire!' The Spoon Leader shouted. 'Fire!' Spoon warriors retaliated. The catapult was cut loose. The Forks were pillaged with fruit. When all was said and done, hardly any Fork Fighter stood. The war tilted in favor of the Spoons.

The Spoons cheered, much to the Fork Leaders' dismay. The Leaders sharpened face turned red, blue and orange. When the Fork Leader exhaled, his face was a shade of brown, as if the pressure rusted him to the very core. In a desperate attempt to reclaim position of the battle, the Fork Leader screamed the the Fork warriors. 'Bring out the trebuchet!'

A mighty fortress of fork-made build came into view. The Spoons loaded the basket again but waited, they only had enough fruit for one last attack. The Forks loaded the trebuchet with all the vegetables they had left, they too were running low.

With each weapon of destruction ready to be unleashed, the Leader of the Spoon Kingdom and the Leader of the Fork Kingdom stepped forward, standing in front of their warriors and next to their grand weapons.

It was a stare down, waiting for the other to psych out. When no one made a move they both jumped, the Fork and Spoon warriors gasped at their Leaders. Both had climbed into their own weapon of destruction at the same time. As soon as they were both in, they both screamed:

'Fire in the hole!'


Both weapons launched. Fruits, vegetables and two screaming and flailing silverwares sailed through the air. The arrival of impact would not be a happy sight. Those on the ground started a count down.

Three...The missiles were closing in. Two...The two Leaders aimed themselves at each other. One...The warriors on the ground ducked just as... KaBoom!

'AAAHHHH!' *clank* A Spoon and Fork landed face first. The sky rained mixed fruits and vegetables, all mashed together. The warriors couldn't even distinguish the different foods falling towards them, landing every where and nearly squishing those below.

The Spoon and Fork Leaders were helped up. They looked around them, seeing the worse of the food fight come to an end. The Leaders of the two very different Kingdoms looked at each other and saw just how much they were alike.

The bashed up food on the ground didn't take sides when they fell to the ground. Instead it was mixed together, not caring where they fell. The Fork and Spoon stuck out their hands and shook.


The Kingdoms joined and became a new Kingdom. The Leaders ruled together and soon had a new silverware child. Born from a Spoon and a Fork, their child was a Spork. They named the new Kingdom after her and changed the Royal Meals. They no longer had vegetables or fruits; instead, the Royal Meals were celebrated with deserts!

The End

Kingdom of the Sporks

From a Grand Food Fight a New Era begins.