Sunlit Morning

The weak morning sun, shone delicately through the open window, trickling in through the sheer cotton curtains.

A yellow tabby lay curled on the on the white window seat. Its ears flicked, and it yawned reveling a light pink maw. It settled again, the sunlight creeping past it to illuminate the pale cream walls.

It moved past the few paintings and pictures to shine on the shimmering curtained bed. A warm breeze blew through the window, ruffling the cat's fur and stirring the screens surrounding the divan.

The cloth parted in the gentle wind reveling white sheets. The sparkling light rose higher as the sun did, catching the pale hair of the sleeping girl. The wind blew its sweet summer breath, caressing her rosy cheeks as she slept on, enchanted by whimsical fantasies. The sun rose higher, its light filling the pale room to the brim, with fluttering dreams of birds singing, bright grass, and lapis lazuli skies. Darting daydreams of the sensation of freedom, and of carelessness.

Caught in her dreams, the girl smiled faintly into the glistening sunlit room.