I wrote this in the middle of my class today, after I got some pretty bad news. Enjoy I guess.

All that I thought was real

are only mirrors and tricks of the light

Why would he do this to me?

Why must they laugh at my plight?

Surrounded by all these faces

no matter where I go;

through all these unknown places

that no one wants to know.

The only real friends I have

are sitting in my hand;

They draw a beautiful picture

that no one understands.

I visit them every day

and we talk all through the night.

I try to resist abusing them

but always lose the fight.

You know my stories and secrets

though I avoid you all the time;

despite your clever hiding place

you always come out to shine

Thorough the lies, deceit, and trouble

you're always there for me;

keeping our friendship is a struggle

because no one else can see.

My hands shake as I guide you

but the lines stay straight and true;

as red blooms to the skin

all on my mind is you.