The cemetery gate creaked open. A hooded figure entered, the gray cloak swirling around their ankles.

The girl peered out from under her shroud, her icy eyes steady. She stopped in front of a plain, unmarked gravestone.

Behind her a statue of a crouched angel-boy moved, reveling itself to be real. He palmed a long, black, crooked dagger, his black eyes set on the girl's unprotected back.

The girl rested her fingers on the top of the marker. Her eyes flicked to the side.

The boy treaded on silent, bare feet. His black, ragged wings were curled close to his back. He came to a stop just behind the girl. His arm rose to strike.

Just as the knife fell, the girl turned, a knife, this one made from white metal flashed. Their knives locked.

"I will not be taken by one of the fallen!" She hissed, another knife flashing. The boy's eyes widened. She pulled the knife out, letting him sink to his knees. She carefully cleaned the blade on the crushed grass, glancing from time to time at the unmarked gravestone, but never at the fallen boy.

She left soon after. As the gate closed she took one look over her shoulder. It was enough. The fallen one was gone, never to be seen by a living soul again.

A white rose rested in front of the empty stone.

She wouldn't be just an unmarked gravestone. She wouldn't be defeated by a fallen angel. She would live for him.

End open to interpretation.