A/N: I wrote this whilst sat in the little garden area in the hospital, i had just found out my cancer had stopped responding to treatment and i felt oddly calm, as if i was almost free. It unnerved me.

The breeze is warm and gentle

The sky is light and clear

This moment is sentimental

A memory I shall hold dear

The air is hot and dry

The sun beats down on me

And as I look up to the sky

I marvel at all I see

The birds are soaring and swooping

Their merry wings flapping away

I watch their young looping

For I know I will join them someday

The birds are happy and free

Flying high above the ground

As happy as they could possibly be

Their cries of joy are heard from all around

One day I'll be there, you'll see

One day You'll be flying with me

One day I'll be happy and free

One day I'll be free to be me.

Let me know what you think if you want, you don't have to though.

Elfie x