The Mysterious Noise

Copyright: this is completely self-wrote.

The was a noise like no other

a noise I heard that I had not heard before

this noise which I had not heard before

came through all the whipping winds

chilled me to the core

And as I lay her listening to the noise

the unearthly noise I had not heard before

sounded more louder more closer

and more deadlier then before

Then for some unknown reason

the noise which I had not heard before ceased

as did all other noises suddenly stop

chilling my core and frightening my soul

Suddenly hot breath was upon my neck

heating my skin

pressure on my back

pushing me farther into the ground

Then I heard blood curdling screams

my blood ran cold and my hair stood on end

suddenly the pressure and heat were gone

all becoming deathly silent

I turned quickly to look at the beast

but to my horrifying surprise

there was nothing there

not even its footprints