Nightmare Bringer

Copyright: this was completely self-wrote

Have you ever seen eyes that chilled your core

ever hear a sound that made your blood run cold?

I have seen eyes that paralyzed me

and have heard a sound that haunted my dreams

The creature I seen was one of Hells creation

it's eyes seemed to pierce my soul

and the sound it made chilled me to the spot

frozen I slowly felt fear seep into my body

And as I watched what I now call the Nightmare Bringer

it slowly started to creep towards me

as it came closer in an eerie fashion

I could not but help wonder what it was going to do

Soon I could smell its breath

the smell of rotting human flesh

the smell lingered in the air

until it backed up a pace or two

It leapt towards me

but disappeared quickly

entering my mind

sending me into an eternal nightmare